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Discussion on environmental protection design of packaging technology

[Abstract] this paper discusses that packaging is a means of marketing, which can protect commodities and also bring varying degrees of environmental pollution. Thus, the environmental protection design of commodity packaging is put forward. It includes the design of packaging materials, the structural design of commodities, the environmental protection design of packaging technology and the environmental protection design and green design of recycling treatment

key words: environmental protection; Material Science; Structure; Recycling

since the circulation of goods in human society, packaging has existed. The initial packaging is very simple, such as pottery pots, straw baskets, straw ropes, leaves, wooden boxes, etc. At that time, the function of packaging was limited to protecting goods and facilitating transportation. With the development of commodity economy, packaging has become a means of marketing, which plays a role in protecting commodities, facilitating transportation, easy identification, conveying information, reflecting culture and promoting sales. Now, packaging has become an important process that can not be ignored in product production. Just when people are enjoying the convenience, health, safety and beautiful taste brought by packaging to life, a crisis is quietly attacking people, which is the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by a large number of packaging waste in recent years. According to statistics, the global consumption of plastic packaging alone has reached more than 30 million tons, and the "license separation" reform, which accounts for the total amount of plastic packaging waste, has launched a full coverage pilot in 18 pilot free trade zones. China is the fourth largest plastic producer in the world, with an annual output of 15 million tons, of which 30% is used for packaging. 70% of these plastic packages are discarded after one-time use. Relevant people pointed out that in the future, China's packaging waste will increase at a rate of 3% to 5% per year, which will destroy the ecological balance and become a social hazard. The revolution of science and technology in the world has brought about the rapid development of social productivity, produced huge material wealth for mankind, and also brought a series of environmental problems. Many global environmental problems, such as environmental pollution, resource depletion and ecological destruction, restrict the sustainable development of economy and endanger the long-term interests of mankind. China has strengthened environmental protection in the 2005 plan, which requires: reasonable population control, sustainable and rational use of resources, improvement of urban and rural environment, suppression of ecological deterioration, and improvement of the quality and efficiency of economic development. As an industrial sector, packaging industry is also faced with environmental and resource problems without exception. Packaging can make goods reach consumers safely, and the credit of packaging is obvious. The problem does not lie in packaging. The key is to properly handle the relationship between packaging and the environment. Now let's talk about the environmental protection design of packaging products from several aspects

first of all, the environmental protection design of commodity packaging should start with the packaging materials

environmentally friendly materials refer to materials with good environmental compatibility on the premise of meeting general functional requirements. It has been basically agreed in academia and industry that environmentally friendly materials and their technologies are the inevitable trend of material development. Pay attention to the following points when selecting materials

1) try to choose materials with less energy consumption and low pollution. Paper materials are widely used in the packaging industry. The raw materials of paper are mainly natural plant fibers, which will be quickly decomposed in nature, causing low environmental pollution and can be recycled; Give priority to renewable materials, such as recycled paper, recycled pulp, recycled plastic, recycled glass, etc., and try to use recycled materials to improve resource utilization and achieve sustainable development. Common glass bottles used in beer, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging can be recycled materials that can be used repeatedly

2) choose materials with good environmental compatibility and avoid toxic, harmful and radioactive materials. The materials used should be easy to recycle, reuse, remanufacture or degrade. For example, the glutinous rice paper used in the familiar candy packaging and the corn baking packaging cup used for ice cream packaging are typical edible packaging. Such materials are both economical and pollution-free, which is worth promoting. Choosing environmental protection materials is the premise and key factor for developing environmental protection products. Each dress is made of materials equivalent to 27 plastic bottles. When selecting materials, we should not only consider the functions of packaging products, but also consider the environmental constraints. We should choose those materials that are non-toxic, non polluting, easy to recycle and degrade, such as reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials, paper materials, etc. Generally speaking, cardboard, metal, glass, degradable plastic, bamboo, cloth and other environmental protection materials are all environmental protection materials

3) the environmental protection design of commodity packaging should consider the structural design of commodities, and the packaging design should try to simplify the packaging structure. The excessive packaging of commodities not only consumes more materials, makes the packaging volume heavier and larger, causing waste of resources, but also increases the amount of urban garbage, which is not conducive to environmental protection, Too gorgeous, slat and his team can't help dragging the device back to the shore for inspection and maintenance. The packaging not only wastes resources but also aggravates environmental pollution. Environmental protection packaging should try to avoid this situation. For example, in the past, the packaging of moon cakes, single small packaging, combined medium packaging, plus the outer packaging of large boxes, with three layers inside and three layers outside, only 6-8 moon cakes are packaged, and the packaging value is several times higher than the commodity value. The pollution and waste caused by such packaging are particularly serious. Now, the promotion of simple moon cake packaging has increasingly adapted to the needs of the market. At the same time, by changing the structural form of commodities, we can reduce the weight of commodities, achieve the effect of improving and reducing costs, and reduce the adverse impact on the environment. Of course, it can also improve the internal structural strength of commodity packaging and reduce the risk of damage during transportation, so as to reduce the repeated application of packaging materials and reduce the cost of packaging

Second, the environmental protection design of commodity packaging process

the realization ways of environmental protection process mainly include the following aspects

change the input mode of raw materials, use them locally, reuse valuable by-products and recycled products, and recycle various materials in the process; Change the production process or manufacturing technology, improve the process control, transform the original equipment, and minimize the consumption of raw materials, waste generation, energy consumption, health and safety risks and ecological damage; Try to use the natural environment, conduct corresponding environmental assessment on air, soil, water and waste discharge, and determine its impact on biodiversity, human health and natural resources according to the relative scale of environmental load

third, environmental protection design of recycling treatment

it is a kind of environmental protection design that should consider the possibility of packaging material recycling in the early stage of packaging design and run up the household industry nbsp; A series of problems, such as the role of wood plastic materials, the size of value, recycling and treatment methods, so as to achieve the maximum utilization of packaging materials and energy, and the design idea and method of minimum environmental pollution. The contents of recyclable design include: recyclable materials and signs, recyclable processes and methods, economic evaluation of recyclability, recyclable structure design, etc. At present, many countries in the world are applying direct recycling technology to collect, classify, crush, clean, melt or directly form plastic bottles. In order to improve the classification efficiency, the United States has developed an automatic plastic bottle sorting system, which uses computer-controlled mechanical devices and fluorescent sensors to automatically detect PVC bottles from the mixed bottles of PVC and pet and pick them out on the conveyor belt. Chinese environmentalists pointed out that the culprit of "white pollution" is not the lunch boxes and plastic bags themselves, but the poor implementation of recycling. Now some cities in China have also proposed that whoever produces disposable lunch boxes is responsible for recycling, and have formulated reward and punishment policies for recycling, which has achieved good results. Some other cities reprocess waste plastic packaging into recycled plastic through transformation and recycling technology for reuse or develop waste plastic oil refining technology, which is highly praised by insiders. At present, the Chinese government has invested heavily in planning and constructing waste recycling, separation and power generation projects, which is of great significance for protecting the ecological environment and sustainable development

fourth, the cost analysis of packaging and environmental protection design in the process of use

the cost analysis of environmental protection packaging is different from the traditional packaging cost analysis. It is the analysis of the performance of product recycling and recycling that must be considered in the early stage of product design. In addition, whether enterprises spend environmental protection costs will also affect the cost accounting of products, and the actual costs of the same environmental projects in different countries are also different. Therefore, the cost analysis of environmental protection packaging should be carried out at the beginning of each design, so as to reduce the design packaging cost. Commodities will consume resources and bring burdens to the environment in the process of use. Therefore, attention should be paid to the problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution caused by the use of commodities in the stage of commodity packaging design. The design of environmental protection products should be oriented to the use process of commodities, combined with the use characteristics and working methods of commodities, adopt advanced processes and technologies, improve design schemes, and minimize the energy consumption of commodities in use. There are goods, there are packages. Now more and more countries and regions have advocated the green revolution of the packaging industry, that is, the so-called green design, for the environmental protection design of commodity packaging

green design refers to incorporating environmental factors and pollution prevention measures into product design at the design stage, taking environmental performance as the design goal and starting point of products, and striving to minimize the impact of products on the environment. Green packaging design advocates green design from the reduction of packaging, the ease of abandonment, the utilization of recycled materials, the refilling, the returnability of permanent use, the recycling of renewable energy, the energy Countermeasures of other provinces, the utilization of natural conservation materials, etc. at the same time, green packaging is divided into different types and levels in the form of laws and regulations. Now, many countries and regions have taken effective measures to carry out the green revolution in the packaging industry. Governments and non-governmental organizations of various countries have taken joint actions to jointly prevent environmental pollution in the packaging industry and the entire environmental field. Moreover, more and more consumers like to buy products with "environmental protection marks". The international community has also formulated different regulations and policies and standards for environmental protection packaging, which can be predicted, Packaging environmental protection design will be an important trend in the development of packaging industry

with the reduction of various resources on the earth and the deterioration of the living environment, it is imperative to develop environmental protection packaging. Whoever develops environmental protection packaging quickly will occupy an important position in the packaging market. It can be predicted that the environmental protection design of commodity packaging will be the theme of the operation of the global packaging industry in the new century, and it is also a significant feature of the development of the packaging industry in the new century. (text/zhuzonghua, xionglimei)

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