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Talking about domestic brand packaging

establishing a brand can not be formed in a short time. It takes decades or even hundreds of years to establish an international brand. We should focus on the long-term economic accumulation, knowledge accumulation and social resource accumulation

many clothing brand manufacturers in China have developed based on their own feelings. They have a certain understanding of the market, so they take some international famous brand images as the blueprint to shape themselves. I also make picture albums if you have picture albums, I also decorate stores if you decorate them, and I also advertise where you advertise. Brand managers who imitate and develop from the superficial phenomenon of brands are mainly vague about the image of their own brands. The blindness of clothing manufacturers to brand image packaging is the key to the large investment and poor effect of China's clothing brands; The lack of in-depth study of brand culture by brand packers is the key to the unsatisfactory brand image of our products

entering the brand, understanding the real requirements of brand customers, grasping the original elements of the brand, and having a deeper understanding of the market and brand culture than customers are the basic conditions for a brand packaging. Only by deeply studying the spirit of an enterprise and refining a brand's fashion culture and brand management mode, can we enhance the imagination of a brand through creativity and design, and enable brand managers to understand what kind of consumer groups their brand serves, what kind of business philosophy they should have, and what kind of life state they create. It must be skillfully controlled before independent manipulation. In view of the problems existing in the development of the enterprise, we should constantly improve the competitive strength of the enterprise brand. There are some early sober enterprises that clearly see the needs of enterprise development; If we don't pay attention to design and the role of designers, corporate brands can't really do well, especially after China's entry into the WTO, facing the massive march of foreign mature brands

at the same time, to establish an international brand, we should deal with the relationship between maximizing profits and maximizing reputation. To establish a brand, we must adhere to the image of integrity

globalization is a trend that will inevitably continue to be imposed with axial deformation. Brand promotion should hold two kinds of thinking in miscellaneous operations: one is to follow the globalization strategy, that is, in marketing management, we should act according to our capabilities and make full use of international resources, including international human resources, market resources, capital resources, natural resources, etc. Introduce foreign management experience (fully consider that the practical chemical fiber output of foreign management experience accounts for 70% of the world total, sustainability and portability), so that the management level can reach the international standard. On the other hand, in order to better understand the cultural background of all standard systems and new standards, local practices should also be carried out with flexibility. Take the world-famous McDonald's as an example: the mainstream products and operation mode of McDonald's are unified globally, but it is also flexible in different regions. According to the market needs, it is mixed with local colors, which will not damage the image of McDonald's international brand. McDonald's spiritual characteristics are still unique. When carrying out local practices, we should think about inclusive development, and take into account the flexibility of products, prices, promotions, and distribution in local needs

brand is the life of an enterprise, including brand image. More importantly, it is to improve the concept of brand managers. Make the brand packaging image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the clothing brands and brand managers can break through the weak situation and gradually develop through the packaging from the outside to the inside, in-depth and healthy development. Source: world economist

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