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Discussion on CTP -- computer direct plate making technology

ctp direct plate making technology is the abbreviation of English computer to plate. It originated in the 1980s and has a history of more than 20 years, but its real application in the printing field is only more than 10 years. In 1998, the China Institute of Printing Science and technology held the first China International Electronic Publishing and multimedia exhibition, which introduced the main situation of CTP equipment to China for the first time. In May, 1998, Yangcheng Evening News introduced the direct plate making system, becoming the first newspaper in China to adopt the direct plate making technology

The application and development of CTP technology is very rapid. There are two main reasons why the consumption of plastic shopping bags in China continues to remain below 800000 tons. First, it breaks through the limitations of the traditional plate making process, which needs to go through two processes: laser phototypesetting output film and manual plate making and printing, and avoids the flower marks, point variations, point inconsistencies, and errors and errors caused by manual plate making and printing due to the difference in the exposure time of the printing plate in the printing process. Second, the newspaper continues to expand its edition, changing the black-and-white edition to the color edition, and changing the single-sided color to the double-sided color, which requires higher overprint accuracy. At the same time, in order to enhance the timeliness, it is required to shorten the printing time as far as possible, so as to extend the deadline of the newspaper. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a large number of pages in a relatively concentrated time until the plate making is completed, which makes the CTP direct plate making technology, which can improve the printing quality of newspapers and save labor, time and consumables, rapidly popularize in all newspapers

ctp system is popularized among users at such an amazing speed. In addition to its good plate making performance and the advantages of eliminating film, the expansion of its scope of application is also one of the main reasons. At present, the direct plate making machine on the market can meet the needs of large format and small format printing size, single and double color printing and four-color color printing, newspaper printing and commercial printing. Therefore, it is very flexible to use

for newspaper printing, CTP plate making technology can also effectively reduce environmental pollution. Due to the refinement and optimization of the process flow, it is easy to exit the system correctly and establish a continuous production line with a high degree of automation. At present, the domestic newspaper industry is facing fierce competition. CTP system can save minutes in the whole publishing process, and the deadline can be extended without changing the printing time, which is of positive significance to increase the amount of information of the day and improve the competitiveness of newspapers

the adoption of CTP system requires certain conditions. From the perspective of the enterprise, first of all, whether the enterprise has a large amount of plate making workload. Nowadays, the better CTP plate making equipment has a fast publishing speed; Secondly, the number of films and plates used by enterprises should be relatively large, so the relative saving range of films and time is relatively large. If there are more short versions, CTP system has more advantages; Third, CTP system needs the support of other hardware. There should be a certain number of sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines or offset rotary machines above the opposite side, etc

the emergence of a new technology often requires the continuation and development of the old process at the beginning, and finally has a mutation to completely replace the original technology, CTP plate is no exception. Moreover, the problem of high temperature resistance and chemical resistance plate is the bottleneck of the application of CTP technology. Compared with the traditional PS plate, the price of CTP plate is more expensive, which leads to an increase in printing costs. China is a major producer and consumer of plastic products in the world. If the cost of plates can be reduced as soon as possible, the number of applications of CTP equipment in domestic newspaper printing will be greatly increased

computer direct plate making not only shortens the plate making process, but also improves the printing quality, improves the operation efficiency, provides a wide range of popular services, increases the diversity of work, and makes printing more efficient. The good practical application results of many newspapers have proved that CTP direct plate making technology will continue to shine brightly in China's newspaper printing

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