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Talking about the electrical safety technology of residential lighting

from the perspective of the safety of residential power supply and distribution network, combined with the electrical fire accident of a household, I put forward the future development direction of residential power distribution: the coexistence of a variety of independent circuits, A new power distribution mode with multiple protection modes. At the same time, it puts forward new requirements for the quality of existing low-voltage electrical products and the acceptance of electrical engineering

recently, I heard that a household in Bajiaoting community had a fire accident caused by privately connecting a wire. All the furniture of the household, including the newly decorated room, was burnt down, and the direct economic loss of ajedium high-performance film and laminated inhibitor reached more than 100000 yuan. In view of this accident, in addition to the fire-fighting facilities and the improper use of electricity by users, the author believes that the root cause lies in the distribution line itself. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of urban and rural people, household appliances have rapidly entered working-class families, and household lighting has also developed to diversification, especially some high load electrical appliances (such as air conditioning) have also entered or are constantly entering families. The continuous increase of power load, coupled with the poor quality of electrical products and the lax control of the engineering quality acceptance department, makes the original distribution lines and distribution methods no longer meet the needs of modern power consumption development. Power failure and leakage (1) data collection, electric shock, gold wire fire with sample size as small as 0.006mm in diameter and other household power accidents are inevitable, and the above tragedy will be repeated. For this reason, the author hereby appeals that the residential electricity should be reasonably distributed and have a good safety protection system, the engineering quality acceptance department should strengthen the quality control of electrical installation, and the relevant departments should strengthen the quality inspection of electrical products

I. reasonable power distribution system

combined with the above, the author believes that a reasonable power distribution system should be divided into four parts: power supply system, lighting system, general socket system, special socket system for air conditioning and special socket system for kitchen electric cookers. In this system, the kitchen considers using two electric cookers at the same time (about 3KW) and installing an air conditioner (about 1.5KW), Selecting a wide load watt hour meter can meet its capacity requirements

1. Power supply system

the residential power supply system should have a reliable two-way power supply, and the power supply voltage offset value is less than 5%. TN-C-S system is adopted for the power supply circuit. The neutral line is repeatedly grounded at the general distribution box entering the house, and shares a set of grounding device with the residential lightning protection grounding. The grounding resistance value should be less than 1 Ω for high-rise residential buildings and less than 4 Ω for multi-storey residential buildings. The neutral line and protective line behind the main distribution box must be absolutely separated. The capacity of each household's watt hour meter should be increased. It is recommended to choose 10 (40) a watt hour meter. The watt hour meter should be set outside the household. When conditions permit, each household's watt hour meter can be set centrally to facilitate the check of the meter

the lighting line in the household and the socket line should form a loop respectively. All power supply lines adopt plastic copper core wires, which are laid in a concealed manner through pipes. The cross-section of wires between distribution boxes on each floor should not be less than 16mm2, the cross-section of household wires should not be less than 4mm2, the cross-section of indoor electrical socket branches should not be less than 2.5mm2, and the cross-section of lighting branches should not be less than 1.5mm2. The circuit in the household should be equipped with secondary protection appliances to protect the load from overload and leakage. The action current of the leakage switch is 30mA, and the action time t ≤ 0.1s

2. Lighting system

generally speaking, room lighting is divided into general lighting, directional lighting and decorative lighting. The corresponding types of lamps are: chandelier, ceiling lamp, flower lamp, embedded lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp according to GB8624 (2) 012 version, mirror front lamp, table lamp, etc. Different lamps are selected for different lighting methods. Reasonable selection and arrangement of lamps and lanterns will add luster and color to your small room and get a good enjoyment

in the bedroom, the light should be soft and warm, trying to create a gentle and quiet atmosphere. Reflective incandescent ceiling lamps with Opal or frosted glass covers can be used. A distinctive wall lamp can be installed on the wall above the head of the bed for decorative lighting. A desk lamp with adjustable light cover is placed on the bedside table beside the double bed for directional (local) lighting, for temporary reading before going to bed and regulating complex. An energy-saving fluorescent worktable lamp with cover shall be placed on the desk to improve the illumination of the working area and protect vision

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