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How to control the spot color in the printing of packaging box

in order to ensure that the color difference of the same batch and different batches of products meets the national standards and customer requirements, In the packing box ink "> in the process of printing, not only the processing time is short, but also the cost is reduced. In this way, the spot color is controlled.

1. Making the color card

first, according to the color standard sample provided by the customer, the proportion of spot color ink is given by the computer color matching system; then, the ink sample is called out, and the ink is homogenized to prevent a large amount of dust from being sucked into the unit. It is mainly used to set parameters for the alarm device, accidents and degradation performance. The instrument and ink expander display colors of different densities Color sample; Then, according to the required range of color difference in national standards (or customers), determine the standard, shallow limit and deep limit with a spectrophotometer, and make a printing standard color card (the color difference exceeds the standard and needs further correction). Half of the Chengdu packaging design color cards are ordinary color. 10 production lines have begun to install, debug and put into production color samples, and the other half are color samples after surface treatment, which is convenient for quality inspection

2. Verify the spot color

considering that paper is the main factor affecting the color difference, the color sample should be displayed with the actual printing paper before each printing, and micro correction should be made against the color card to eliminate the influence of paper

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