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How to control ozone pollution when ozone pollution comes again

in recent years, the U.S. food industry has used ozone to kill toxic bacteria. Controlling the ozone concentration within a certain range can achieve the goal of instant killing. Ozone decomposition time is very fast, and there is no person present in the working environment, which does little harm to human body. In view of this, research projects on the application of ozone have been carried out in relevant fields in China, and considerable applications have been achieved in the fields of industrial disinfection and sewage treatment. Therefore, the existence of ozone is a double-edged sword, and rational utilization is the key

ozone has two sides. Generally speaking, ozone in the upper stratosphere is formed by the combination of oxygen molecules in the atmosphere which are not stable enough due to the decomposition of oxygen molecules by ultraviolet radiation. The upper ozone layer can absorb ultraviolet rays and provide protection for terrestrial organisms. Ozone near the ground is the secondary pollution caused by a series of complex photochemical reactions after pollution caused by human activities. It is the main component of photochemical smog and poses a great threat to human life and health

in summer, high temperature and light become the "hotbed" of ozone pollution. In the face of long-term high temperature and light, the phenomenon of ozone exceeding the standard is becoming more and more serious. Generally, in May, ozone pollution began to increase, peaked in August, and gradually decreased after autumn. According to the air quality forecast released by the Ministry of ecological environment, moderate pollution may occur in the central and southern parts of North China on August 27, and the main pollutants are ozone and fine particles. From the 27th to the 28th, the air quality in the inland areas of the Yangtze River Delta was mainly good, with slight pollution in some areas, and the primary pollutant was ozone. The environmental meteorological Bulletin of the Central Meteorological Observatory on the 26th showed that in the coming week, some areas in central and southern North China, the Middle East of the Yangtze Huaihe River, the central and Western Huanghuai River and other places will have strong solar radiation and higher temperatures during the day, which is more conducive to ozone generation. Ozone pollution is generally serious in the central region with general atmospheric diffusion conditions, while it is relatively weak in the southeast region with good diffusion conditions

it is understood that the high concentration of ozone in the air will aggravate the possibility of human suffering from upper respiratory diseases, occasionally cough, headache and other symptoms, and even cause serious irritation to the skin, eyes, nasal mucosa and so on. The proportion of ozone is 1.6 times that of air. It is generally concentrated in the lower space, which will cause direct damage to short children. In addition, middle-aged and elderly people who are relatively weak are also vulnerable to ozone. Worryingly, wearing masks and other measures are basically not ineffective against ozone. Therefore, people can only resist the harm of ozone to the body by reducing outdoor activities in a short time when ozone pollution is serious

then, how to control ozone pollution? According to table 5 and oil box of the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of ecological environment, the excessive level of ozone pollution in China is relatively light, and the overall situation is still controllable. The Ministry of ecological environment will also continue to strengthen governance and control, and solidly promote the coordinated governance of ozone pollution and PM2.5 pollution. In addition, to control ozone pollution, relevant departments need to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds and control ozone pollution. In addition to improving the overall ecological environment, the focus is to reduce the emissions of precursors, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds

in industrial activities, people often use ozone disinfection without dead ends, broad-spectrum sterilization and other special effects to apply it to air disinfection and water treatment, with relatively limited funds, technology, production scope and so on. For example, we use food workshop disinfection, hospital and public place disinfection and deodorization, tap water disinfection, etc

in the process of dealing with such asset state ozone pollution, we should not only deeply understand its harmfulness, but also realize that the existence of ozone is not useless. At present, although ozone pollution exists in China, the situation is not serious. It is believed that one day, through environmental governance, ozone will also "turn waste into treasure". 1. It will provide benefits to human society within the range of 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃ at room temperature

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