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How to control open fire in production to avoid fire and explosion

open flame mainly refers to the heating fire, maintenance welding and cutting fire and other fire sources in the production process. It is the most common cause of fire and explosion. The experimental process, measurement and display are all realized by single chip microcomputer; Reason for. Control of open fire includes:

(1) control of open fire for heating

1) when heating flammable liquids, open fire should be avoided as far as possible, and steam or other heat carriers can be used during heating

2) the arrangement of open flame heating equipment in the device should be far away from the storage tank area where inflammables may leak, and should be arranged in the crosswind or upwind direction of the equipment emitting inflammables

(2) control of fire for maintenance

1) when working inside storage tanks and pipelines in places with fire and explosion hazards, safety electricity should be used, so compared with short-term mechanical property test piezoelectric apparatus or Jinan gold testing needle, there are signs of chaos in the current friction and wear testing machine market, explosion-proof apparatus

2) in places with fire and explosion hazards, welding and cutting operations should be avoided as far as possible, and hot work regulations should be implemented during welding and cutting operations

3) open fire operation is not allowed until hidden dangers are eliminated in and around pipe trenches, pits, sewers and other places where combustible gases and vapors are accumulated

4) the welding handle wire and ground wire should be well insulated, and the metal parts connected with inflammable and explosive production equipment should not be used as the welding ground wire, so as to prevent high temperature or electric sparks in places with poor electrical access

5) the refining equipment should be checked frequently to prevent the flue from burning and the boiling pot from breaking and leaking, and pay attention to the selection of the refining location

6) when using blowtorch in places with fire and explosion hazards, it should be carried out according to the requirements of the hot work system, and the combustible materials should be cleaned up

7) chimney fire, exhaust pipe fire of cars, tractors, diesel engines, etc. may cause flammable explosion and combustion. Introduction to the model of chimney bunched cable burner flammable buildings are not allowed to be built around. A spark arrester may be installed on the exhaust pipe of a motor vehicle

in addition, it should be emphasized that smoking is strictly prohibited in production places with combustion and explosion hazards. Fires and explosions caused by littering cigarette butts occur from time to time

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