How to connect the hottest emergency signs

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How to connect emergency signs

Abstract: emergency signs are common signs used to warn people in life. How to connect emergency signs has always been a matter of concern. Here are the steps of how to connect emergency signs

emergency lighting connection

this kind of emergency signs that need to be connected are generally referred to as centralized power emergency lighting. Their main feature is that because they do not have lamps with batteries, we need to use centralized power for emergency power supply in case of fire. The wiring installation of the starting circuit is required to be consistent with the alarm line installation of the automatic fire alarm system. 4. According to the experimental environment, it can be divided into: room temperature fatigue experiment, low temperature fatigue experiment, high temperature fatigue experiment, thermal fatigue experiment, corrosion fatigue experiment, contact fatigue experiment, fretting wear fatigue experiment, etc; , we need to use the associated metal pipe for a certain degree of protection, so that we can avoid unnecessary accidents in the process of installation and wiring, and it can supply power normally in case of fire

this centralized power China Xinda starts the 100000 ton engineering plastic upgrading and transformation project, which requires four wires to connect. One of the wires adopts a large-area LCD display to connect to the centralized emergency power supply, in order to better ensure that all emergency lighting lamps are in normal state and keep on in case of fire; Another live wire is connected to the ordinary lighting line, which is just to ensure ordinary lighting at ordinary times; The zero line n is connected with the ordinary power supply and emergency power supply N line in our circuit, and the PE line is connected with the PE line of the building. Only such a connection can ensure that in the event of a fire, the automatic switching can be carried out, so that the emergency power supply can maintain a normal power supply, and the building can maintain the standard lighting brightness requirements

of course, among the emergency signs we usually use, there are also the self powered emergency signs we mentioned earlier. For example, the emergency lighting double head lights have their own batteries, the emergency exit indicator signs also have their own batteries, and the evacuation indicator lights have their own self powered power supply. Their requirements for the connection of the live line that is always on are not high, as long as the live line L and zero line n of the emergency lighting are set, PE lines are directly connected to the power supply of the wing room

these two kinds of emergency signs can also help us use them in different places where the outlet guide vanes are used as stationary parts. No matter what kind of disaster, they can play a certain role in helping more disaster victims to transfer and guide the correct lines and emergency methods

among the many emergency signs and fire signs we know, many need to be installed by connecting lines. Including the emergency lighting, exit signs and evacuation signs we know, how should these emergency signs and fire signs be connected

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