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Kebang technology successfully held the 2019 Aicon Global Conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology (Beijing)

November 2. They took specific data as the test results. From January 1 to November 22, the Aicon Global Conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology was successfully held in Beijing. The conference was hosted by InfoQ China, a subsidiary of Kebang technology, for a period of two days. It is mainly for middle and high-end technicians who are interested in AI technology in various industries. Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology is the guiding unit of the conference, and Beijing Zhiyuan artificial intelligence research institute is the supporting unit of the conference

this conference invited more than 1000 guests from top AI laboratories at home and abroad, well-known enterprises and academic circles in Colleges and universities. It covers computer, finance, medical treatment, industry and other fields. The co chairmen of the conference were Yan Shuicheng, CTO of ETO technology, Li Mu, AWS AI principal scientist, Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi group and chairman of the technical committee, Wu Hua, chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, and Dai Jinquan, senior chief engineer of Intel

the conference focused on the latest technology, industrialization and commercialization of AI, focusing on the landing practice of AI, industry reform and technological innovation in the field of AI technology. The theme of the speech covers important topics such as NLP application and practice, computer vision, machine learning application and practice, AI and industrial interconnection. 60+ai technology masters from Microsoft, Intel, AWS, bat, meituan, and other domestic and foreign first-line Internet companies were invited to give wonderful speeches

through the conference, excellent AI technology landing cases of well-known enterprises at home and abroad were displayed, and senior AI experts at home and abroad discussed relevant technical practices. The participating enterprises determine their own type selection scheme according to the practice of dry goods, and estimate the relevant risks and benefits in advance, so as to realize the implementation of technology

on the first day of the conference, before the keynote speech of the guests at the conference, Huo Taiwen, founder and CEO of geek bang technology, and Julie Shin Choi, vice president of Intel/AI products division and general manager of AI products and Market Research (Xin Zhouyan) held a dialogue on AI reshaping the future pattern according to the requirements of some specifications

five sub forums were held in the afternoon, focusing on machine learning application and practice, computer vision, NLP application and practice, and two special sessions sponsored by manufacturers: AI full stack development technology practice session, AI technology application and practical solutions session. After the meeting, Huawei cloud customization high-end closed door exchange meeting was held, and participants were invited by the conference. At the same time, 360ai financial night has also opened a journey to explore the integration of technology and finance

the day of the conference, in the morning and afternoon, is divided into four sub venues, focusing on topics such as search recommendation and algorithm, intelligent finance, AI and big data framework, knowledge map, and intelligent voice interaction, AI and industrial interconnection in the afternoon. On the whole day of the next day, an Intel AI developer technology seminar was held at the same time. The lecturers were all from Intel company, including Gong Qiyuan, an Intel machine learning expert, song Hongtao, a marketing manager of edge AI products of Intel China IOT business unit, and Wang Xuan, a marketing director of edge intelligent tools of Intel China IOT business unit. In addition to the discussion and exchange, Cao Huiyan, an engineer of Intel AI technology solutions, also brought a link that needs AI hands-on practice: from the data center to the edge - AI solutions using Intel Architecture

as an important action of InfoQ China under geek state technology every year, each Aicon conference has attracted close attention from people from all walks of life at home and abroad, As long as there are requirements for mechanical properties in InfoQ, countries have set up a vertical media of artificial intelligence industry: AI frontline

the conference attracted 10 + sponsors such as Intel, Huawei cloud, AWS, tigergraph, Yanrong cloud, AI Shu intelligence, shell, Baidu, GuoShuang technology, minglou technology, 360 finance, and many media and exhibitors such as Toutiao, Nuggets, Turing, etc. to jointly create an AI technology event with great influence in the industry. The conference showed the world the development direction of artificial intelligence technology, potential development prospects and innovation vitality of the industry. The wonderful sharing of all guests here injected new hope and confidence into the industry and played a positive role in promoting the integrated development and application of artificial intelligence industry

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