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Kehua Hengsheng: moving steadily towards the high end

from January 2010 to now, Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kehua Hengsheng) has been listed for one year. Since the share price rose by 60% on the first day of listing, the current share price is more than twice the issue price, Kehua Hengsheng has been recognized by shareholders and capital markets. In the past year, what new changes have Kehua Hengsheng made in product R & D, production and sales

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at the 2011 China IT market annual conference held on February 22, Kehua Hengsheng won the 2010 2011 China high end UPS market annual successful enterprise award, which is another affirmation of the development strategy that Kehua Hengsheng has always adhered to based on the high end UPS market

Huang Zhiqun, deputy general manager of Kehua Hengsheng sales center, reviewed the development of the company in 2010

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in terms of R & D, Kehua Hengsheng has always adhered to the development strategy of focusing on high-end development, vigorously introduced R & D talents, and expanded the R & D team from the original 120 people to 150 people, thus effectively improving the scientific research ability. In the main business of UPS power supply, Kehua Hengsheng constantly improves the quality of products, enriches product functions, and is committed to reducing costs to provide industry users with greener and more efficient power products. After years of technical preparation and research and development, in 2010, Kehua Hengsheng combined its technical advantages in the field of power supply with 23 years of successful application experience to launch an overall power supply solution for green data center, which caused great repercussions in the industry. Kehua Hengsheng is also actively exploring the new energy industry. Through technical cooperation with foreign new energy industry enterprises, it has successfully launched photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and other important supporting equipment for wind power generation, taking an important step in the field of green energy. In 2010, Kehua Hengsheng's solar photovoltaic power generation system was selected into the national torch plan project, and the industrialization project of digital energy-saving industrial power optimization device was selected into the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project

in terms of production, Kehua Hengsheng actively fulfilled its IPO commitments and invested the funds raised in the IPO into three projects: industrial upgrading of medium and high-power uninterruptible power supplies for information equipment, industrialization of energy-saving uninterruptible power supplies for industrial power, and construction of technical services and marketing networks. The smooth implementation of these projects has improved the supply capacity of Kehua Hengsheng to users in various industries

in terms of sales, Kehua Hengsheng adheres to the sales strategy of high-end market and high-end products, constantly promotes the market application of high-end ups and high-end power supply solutions, and has won the favor of more customers. Its green data center computer room integration products have been highly praised by the industry

Kehua Hengsheng's recently announced performance forecast shows that the company achieved an operating revenue of 660 million yuan in 2010, an increase of 41.75% year-on-year. The main reason for the performance growth is the continuous increase of the company's main business income. Among them, the sales revenue of UPS power system equipment for information equipment increased by 44.22% year-on-year, the sales revenue of UPS power system equipment for industrial power increased by 38.83% year-on-year, and the sales revenue of wind energy supporting equipment increased by 8657.73% year-on-year

in the Chinese market, large data centers with an area of more than 5000 square meters will increase by 100 ~ 200 every year. Therefore, the demand for medium and high power UPS is very strong. In order to cope with this development trend, Kehua Hengsheng will continue to strengthen the R & D and sales of high-power UPS in the future, and will combine the computer room integrated product system with high-end power supply solutions. When competing with international high-power UPS manufacturers, Kehua Hengsheng will not only provide products that meet the needs of high-end users, but also continue to give play to its advantages in terms of service and price, and constantly improve product performance and brand awareness

new goals for 2011

in the data center market, end-to-end integrated computer room solutions will become a trend. In 2010, Kehua Hengsheng integrated computer room solution received good market response and established a number of model computer rooms. In 2011, Kehua Hengsheng will continue to deepen its channel strategy and attract more channel partners. With the increase of high-end applications and services, services will become the next revenue growth point of Kehua Hengsheng. Green power supply has become the development trend of the industry. Kehua Hengsheng will rely on the technical accumulation and advantages in the field of power cut-off with good sealing performance. It will adhere to green production and green manufacturing. In addition, it will also pay attention to the development of new energy field and constantly launch new energy products

in 2011, the application scale of ups will continue to expand, and the trend of UPS's high-end, intelligent and low-carbon will be more obvious. Kehua Hengsheng will pay close attention to the application development trend of various industries, continuously improve market share, further improve the company's industry expansion system, and timely launch products and solutions that meet market needs

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