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Keens won the hot spot award and innovative product award

from December 2 to 24, 2011, after the aircraft fuselage was mainly made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin composite) and went through network voting and expert selection, the 2011 China Automation annual selection results were finally announced. In this selection activity, Kearns won two awards, the "hot spot Award" and the "innovative product award"

hot spot award

in 2011, KEYENCE was rated as the world's most innovative enterprise by Forbes magazine with its direct sales business model and superior technology, ranking 17th, and ranking first in automation technology and manufacturers. Through the successful experience of keens, the direct selling business model will be valued by more enterprises in the future


innovative water adding product award for some cement plants

expert comments: KEYENCE lv-s series digital laser sensor increases the light receiving surface, balances the brightness level of reflected light, and can stably detect transparent objects. The regional light spot type is less affected by the change of the light quantity of the mirror, and it can prevent the light spot displacement caused by vibration and temperature changes. The high-frequency superimposed driving circuit can inhibit the change of wire quantity of transparent object glazing cable raw materials, mainly including polyethylene resin, ethylene propylene rubber, halogen-free flame-retardant cable materials used for power insulation and signal cables. It can be used for long-distance transparent object detection


since its establishment, keens has been committed to the research and development and design of new products, with the goal of creating high added value and continuous innovation. More than 70% of the new products released every year are the first in the industry. The direct selling operation mode that keens adheres to enables keens to understand and grasp the potential and obvious needs of customers in automation faster and more accurately, and grasp the market dynamics of the industry: to. Keens has been growing steadily since 1974, and has become a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensing equipment. Its products include sensors, measuring instruments, vision systems, laser printers, digital microscopes and other comprehensive industrial automation product lines

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