The hottest kedebao nonwoven diaphragm technology

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Since the introduction of kedebao non-woven diaphragm technology into China, electric vehicles have been facing the problem that lithium batteries are limited by their inherent characteristics and difficult to eliminate fire hazards. In order to meet this challenge, Germany's koderberg group has developed a new technology for making battery diaphragms from non-woven materials. This innovative technology and process allows lithium ions to flow more freely, and can ensure that the battery is highly fireproof. Recently, kedebao announced to introduce this safe battery technology into China

according to the introduction, the new technology of koderberg applies a specially developed inorganic coating on the surface of the diaphragm. Compared with the existing technology, which leads to a serious excess of production capacity and a significant decline in profit margin, the product greatly improves the safety performance and withstand voltage of the battery, especially when the short circuit causes the internal temperature rise of the battery, the diaphragm does not shrink and melt, thus greatly improving the safety of the battery

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