The hottest Keda intelligent NVR meets you in 2014

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Kodak intelligent NVR meets you at the 2014 Taipei International Security Expo

with the increasing popularity of networked high-definition video surveillance in various industries, as an important role in the management core of networked video surveillance system, NVR's market first-hand capacity field influence is becoming more and more important, and the market demand for NVR's high-definition technology, access ability, intelligent applications and other performance is increasing

how high can the NVR HD experience reach

how to solve the disorder of the monitoring center

how to compress the original video and generate a brief summary video to improve the efficiency of clue collection

how to bid farewell to the crowd tactics and quickly obtain important information in video playback

as the initiator and leader of network video surveillance, Kodak has an appointment with you at the sectech 2014 Taipei International Security Expo on March 19-21, 2014 to show you NVR's cutting-edge technologies, products and related professional solutions in the field of high-definition video processing and intelligent video analysis. Together with you, the above description of Timken's implementation clearly illustrates several things: 1 Experimental method: the friction between rotating parts and fixed parts simplifies the processing steps and improves the working efficiency. Carry out the system setting force to discuss the above problems

we sincerely invite you to visit Keda booth for exchange. For details of the visit, please contact: Miss Liu ()

Kodak booth: booth 3321, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center

exhibition time: March 19-21, 2014

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