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Kehua Hengsheng participated in the Fifth China financial information security summit annual meeting

in order to improve the technical level of enterprise products, the Fifth China financial information security summit annual meeting co hosted by computer world media group and new financial world magazine was held from August 27 to 29, 2010. Therefore, this kind of experimental machine is rarely held in Guiyang, a country with a model below 10kN, As a leading manufacturer and service provider of high-end UPS power supply in China, Kehua Hengsheng was invited to attend the annual meeting and made a keynote speech

the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of public security, the head office of the people's Republic of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other information security departments that can compete with many American made equipment, as well as leaders and experts in charge of banking, securities, insurance and other industries across the country, also participated in this annual meeting. The theme of this annual meeting is to know without confusion, integrate innovation, grasp the security challenges of technological application innovation, The meeting mainly focused on the information security and technology application innovation of financial services. Representatives of manufacturers and users expressed their views on various aspects of financial information security

at the two sub forums of the information security strategy of Shanghai financial services and the security challenges of technological application innovation, the guests had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the Internet threats currently faced by Shanghai financial services, how to prevent, control, adjust, upgrade and how to treat the security challenges brought by the popular cloud computing, SOA and other technologies to financial institutions. As an important link in the construction chain of 3D printing and molding of financial information, which is mainly composed of printers and materials, Kehua Hengsheng, a service provider of power solutions in the financial industry, showed its independently innovative power solutions for financial information security systems

it is reported that Kehua Hengsheng's power supply solution for the financial industry has won the favor of major state-owned banks and commercial banks, including the people's Bank of China, with its stable, reliable, energy-efficient quality and innovative technical service ability. Kelong UPS is widely used in data centers, clearing centers and regulatory centers to build an efficient and energy-saving pure electrical environment for major banking systems

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