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Keep walking machine kit W1 intelligent walking machine how about the quality of the treadmill? Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

keep recently launched a new keep walking machine W1 intelligent walking machine treadmill, with a running belt width of about cm. As a new product in 2019, let's learn about the new features, prices and comments from friends In the foreseeable future,

functional features:

keep W1 walking machine is not only thin, only 11 cm, but also equipped with a simple hidden LED display, so that users can view the running status and network connection status of the device in real time during exercise, and can pay real-time attention to their own walking and body movement data changes. In terms of production technology, keep W1 · interpretation of carbon fiber industry development policy. The walking machine adopts aluminum alloy to form an integral whole, which makes the sports experience safer and more stable, and also makes the service life of the equipment more lasting. Not only that, keep walking machine is innovatively equipped with a brushless mute motor, which allows users to maintain smooth movement without fear of noise

kee the development of waterborne, powdered, high curing, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of environmental friendly polyurethane waterproof coatings will be the future development direction of the industry. P walking machine can also be matched with rich professional keep app walking courses and specially customized target step courses through Wi Fi or Bluetooth smart link. According to the arrangement of the course, keep walking machine can realize automatic speed matching, provide real-time intelligent voice guidance and other functions. Not only that, the keep walking machine is also equipped with a remote control handle without disassembly convenience line, so that users can more easily control the movement speed and set the start and stop of the equipment whether they are walking freely or following the course training. Keep walking machine also provides a variety of walking modes to restore the outdoor hiking scene, so that users can feel the fun of outdoor hiking indoors

in the process of use, keep walking machine will monitor users' personal walking data in real time, and can automatically synchronize to keep cloud for analysis, so as to formulate the best "walk" training plan for each user. Sports data can also be cached locally offline, and users can continue to enjoy the latest sports courses and services of keep through OTA and firmware upgrade

price: the quotation of this treadmill in is ¥ 1799.00 (click here to check), and it is also ¥ 1799.00 in tmall keep flagship store (click here to check). Friends who need it may wish to pay attention to this one

detailed configuration parameters:

brand: keep (outdoor sports)

start with comments:

the walking machine is very good, the sound is within the acceptable range, and I followed the course in keep several times in the evening. At present, I haven't come downstairs to find it. The logistics is very fast, the attitude is very good, and the goods are delivered to the door. If you don't understand anything, ask the customer service, and the customer service will actively reply and help solve it. The runway board is a little hard, and it will be more comfortable to wear shoes, My personal feeling is quite good. My mother's feedback: it's good to walk after dinner, but for the elderly, it's still a little afraid without handrails. The elderly should use it slowly and pay more attention to safety. (the above are all true evaluations, which is a reference for friends who want to start walking machine.) more use friends to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages "

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