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Colin electric, JUNLEBAO dairy and other famous enterprises converge! Three advantages create a highland of innovative industry in Luquan

famous enterprises such as Colin electric and JUNLEBAO dairy converge! Three advantages create a highland of innovative industry in Luquan

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original title: famous enterprises such as Colin electric and JUNLEBAO dairy converge! Luquan economic development zone is a national semiconductor lighting industrialization demonstration base, a satellite navigation industry base, a military civilian integration demonstration zone in Hebei Province, a mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base in Hebei Province. 3. The joint welding package is uniform, and a famous electronic information industry area in Hebei Province. There are 1363 enterprises in the zone, including 171 provincial-level scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 80 high-tech enterprises, 5 incubators and 25 engineering laboratories

in terms of industrial development, Luquan Economic Development Zone has three advantages:

first, industrial advantages. Relying on Shijiazhuang information industry base and 13 and 54 Institutes of CETC, more than 200 electronic information enterprises such as CETC navigation, far east communication and Inspur Group have gathered, forming two major industrial chains focusing on photoelectric lighting and navigation communication. They are equipped with completely independent intellectual property rights and continuous innovation capabilities in photoelectric core chips, communication equipment and other aspects, with advanced technology, perfect chains and broad prospects. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, three characteristic industrial chains focusing on intelligent electrical equipment manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing and intelligent electronic instrument manufacturing have been established, and a number of medium and high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprises such as Colin electric, CITIC Guoan and Kaixiang electric have been gathered. In terms of green food, more than 50 well-known domestic food enterprises, including JUNLEBAO, Los Angeles and daoxiangcun, have been recognized as "national agricultural industrialization demonstration base" by the Ministry of agriculture. In terms of modern service industry, modern service industry projects such as Jiuzhoutong pharmaceutical e-commerce Industrial Park and beiren outlets urban complex have been introduced

second, policy advantages. On the basis of comprehensively implementing various national, provincial and municipal preferential policies, Luquan Economic Development Zone has successively issued a series of preferential policies to support enterprises entering the zone from four aspects: supporting the landing and development of enterprises, policies, listing support, and innovation and entrepreneurship. The support basically covers the whole process of enterprise development and growth. This year, Luquan Economic Development Zone will also introduce preferential policies to promote the headquarters economy, encourage import and export trade, support the settlement of technology-based enterprises, and encourage financial institutions to support the development of enterprises

third, supporting advantages. The development zone has complete infrastructure and service functions. Natural gas, elasticity coefficient, i.e. elasticity Young's modulus, sewage and heating pipes cover the whole area. There are 22 main roads, which are connected with the provincial capital Heping Road, Xinhua Road, Shitong road and West Third Ring Road. In addition, there are surface water plants, sewage treatment plants, power supply substations, public rental houses, star hotels and outlets shopping plaza and other service facilities, It can fully meet the production and living needs of employees

in addition, Shijiazhuang University of science and engineering and other colleges and universities and vocational and technical education centers where we use tensile testing machines to conduct tensile tests on materials are also gathered in the zone, which can cultivate relevant talents for enterprises in the zone to use spray free materials as environmental protection materials that can replace traditional coating

in recent years, the development zone has accelerated the development of incubators, accelerators, maker spaces and other scientific and technological innovation carriers, and built projects such as intelligent industrial park, keying Industrial Park, Silicon Valley Industrial Park. The dream nest Town, which began construction in 2019, will provide high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship services for enterprises and entrepreneurs


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