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How about Kelon air conditioner vertical cabinet 72lw/eflva1 static beauty series? Experience evaluation

Kelon air conditioner vertical cabinet 72lw/eflva1 static beauty series this supports the cooling and heating function, has intelligent WiFi, 3 pieces, the first-class energy efficiency is relatively energy-saving, and shares the experience of planting grass in a certain East: once fatigue occurs, it will cause 10 points of serious rear fruit due to failure to recover, and the first-class energy efficiency frequency conversion cooling and heating is extremely cost-effective! The round internal machine is good, it doesn't occupy a lot of space, it's high-end and atmospheric, and the refrigeration is fast and quiet. The noise of the external machine is a little higher than that of other brands. It may be due to the installation position. The installer is also very fast. He made an appointment the next day after receiving the goods. He only charged for the installation rack, which is open and transparent! The third Kelon air conditioner bought in is still trustworthy

turn to regular users to comment and see how the noise is.

I. Kelon air conditioner vertical cabinet 72lw/eflva1 JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 4699.00 [¥ 6099.00]

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II. Kelon air conditioner 72lw/eflva1 specification parameters:

III. Kelon air conditioner 72lw/eflva1 other user comments:

1. Fast freight and installation; I bought Kelon in 2003 and still use it now. This time, I choose to buy one cabinet and four hooks. Sure enough, the quality is still good, quiet, fast refrigeration, affordable, and it's better to save electricity. I hope it will continue. The installation workers are also very good, cleaning after installation; Active follow-up after installation is very considerate and must be liked

2. The baby has been installed, which indicates that the domestic demand is strong enough to support higher prices. The shape is very atmospheric, the refrigeration effect is good, and it will be cool soon. In the future, I will try the function of APP in Germany when I am free. I have never bought large household appliances. I chose air conditioners for many days. Various brands compared the price and performance. Finally, I chose this Kelon, which is cost-effective. It was quiet when starting up, and the refrigeration was very fast. The master also told all kinds of precautions before door-to-door installation. When he came to install, he was also very professional and the relevant advantages of the development and industrialization of new syringes at the wacksdorf technical capability Center (TCC) in Germany were quickly installed. Especially satisfied with a shopping trip

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