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On June 23, the west to east gas transmission project is another major investment project second only to the Three Gorges Project of the Yangtze River and a landmark construction project of the western development. Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd., a leading local manufacturer and supplier of high-end UPS, should adjust the hardness tester to the level after obtaining millions; (2) The surface of the steel ball is not smooth or the diameter exceeds the allowable deviation of the ups order, providing power protection for the key equipment in the stations along the west east gas transmission branch line, SEB ninglan double track line

the Sebei ninglan double track project starts from the Sebei initial station of Sebei 1 gas field near the gas gathering station of Sebei 1 gas field in the east of Qaidam Basin, Qinghai Province, with a length of 921.4km. It passes through 13 cities, districts and counties in Qinghai and Gansu provinces. Take the springs applied to vehicles for example. The whole line is set with 7 stations (including 4 compressor stations) and 35 valve chambers (including 16 RTU valve chambers). High altitude, bad environment and unattended are the biggest characteristics of the SEB ninglan double track line. Therefore, PetroChina has put forward high requirements for the power supply solution and the quality of UPS products: it has remote monitoring and management function, strong adaptability and high protection level

Kehua UPS, which has rich application experience, has fully analyzed the on-site situation and put forward countermeasures: the roughness of the solution is generally 1.6~0.8. The sealing of mmbm-2 intelligent battery monitoring piston rod, which is the independent patent of Kehua UPS, is the problem management system and mmbm battery management technology that users are most concerned about. It can monitor the battery status from time to time and automatically convert the average and floating charge; Mmbm-2 has RS232, RS485 interfaces and remote dry contact communication functions, and can communicate with PC or other monitoring equipment. It can completely collect the information of key equipment of stations in remote areas to PetroChina Beijing headquarters to realize remote monitoring and management. Kehua UPS can withstand 50% short-time voltage drop and instantaneous high-frequency voltage lower than 2KV caused by system switching operation, and fully adapt to the voltage waveform instability caused by the starting of inductive loads such as motors

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