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Kodak was awarded the top 30 of the 2017 "good campus plan"

recently, the China International Smart Education Exhibition closed at the Beijing International Convention Center

this exhibition, themed at the end of the year educational science and technology feast, exhibited the efforts and achievements of more than 600 educational brands at home and abroad in educational work, and selected good campus plans for 2017

from the perspective of end-users of colleges and universities, the best campus solutions for schools were selected in this activity

in the end, Kodak cloud recording and broadcasting program was unanimously recognized by the judges and experts, and won the honor of a good program on campus

Keda cloud recording and broadcasting scheme breaks the traditional construction mode of recording and broadcasting, and creates a new mode of simple and rapid construction of high-quality school-based resource database. The system includes two parts: 11. Sample clamping mode: the standard configuration is the bolt mode part, the cloud platform part and the front-end audio and video acquisition part. In the cloud platform part, users can freely choose the construction mode of public cloud or private cloud. The front end is based on the classroom. The equipment in the classroom only needs to deploy three kinds of equipment: cloud recording and broadcasting host, video camera and audio collector. The audio and video resources collected at the front end of the classroom are directly uploaded to the cloud platform for centralized processing, so as to provide normal recording and broadcasting, teaching supervision, full-scale pre twist three lectures and comments. The first phase of the project plans to cover a construction area of more than 30000 square meters, electronic patrol examination, classroom security and other applications

a typical application case is Shanghai Jiaotong University, which rebuilt more than 200 classrooms into cloud recording and broadcasting classrooms on the basis of the electronic examination room built in phase I. In addition to the function of electronic examination room, it can also normally turn on the power switch for the front-end classroom, record the course, realize the live broadcast and on-demand of the course, as well as the functions of educational administration and teaching management. Through this reconstruction, the recording and preservation of high-quality teaching resources in the school can be realized, and the needs of school leaders for classroom supervision can be met at the same time

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