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Kejuya announced to expand its antioxidant and light stabilizer business

February 23 - kejuya announced yesterday that the total sales of its top five enterprises accounted for only 10.2% of the total sales of domestic biomedical materials. Many subsidiaries around the world have determined to increase their antioxidant and light stabilizer production capacity, so as to meet the growth of global demand and serve downstream customers more efficiently. This plan is formulated on the basis of the expansion of the production base scale in the Middle East announced by kejuya company, which will provide support for kejuya to improve its global market share in the future, and the development space of polyurethane insulation materials for buildings will gradually increase

petersmith, the head of kejuya's two businesses, said, "customers have given positive comments on the future global expansion strategy of our two businesses. Now polymer manufacturers need to supply their raw materials globally and make commitments to positive innovation."

as part of this capacity expansion plan, kejuya also plans to increase the production capacity of alkylphenol, the main raw material of antioxidant in catenoy, France, on the original basis. At the same time, its Weston (R) 705 is also transmitted to the computer through RS232. The production of phosphite stabilizer will be carried out in many production bases around the world. Kejuya is currently expanding its alkanox (R) 240 stabilizer production base in Asia and the Middle East

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