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KDDI will build new telehouse data centers in Tokyo and Osaka

telehouse will invest in expanding 20MW high-power density host hosting space in Japan

ctiforum on August 27 (Li Wenjie): the global telecommunications service provider KDDI announced today that it will invest 270 million US dollars (about 28billion yen) to build two new telehouse data centers, namely telehouse Osaka 2 and telehouse Tokyo Tama 3, It is planned to open in August 2015 and February 2016 respectively. At present, the types of electronic universal testing machine sensors on the market include S-type and spoke type. These traditional facilities will expand the space area of telehouse data center provided by 46 sites around the world to 371000 square meters. These sites are located in 24 major cities in 13 countries/regions with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices

telehouse Osaka 2

these two new construction facilities will provide high-density hosting services, making the hosting of high-load IT infrastructure possible. These data centers will meet the growing hosting needs of private enterprise cloud and public cloud service providers, and media content companies. Their design meets the data center redundancy and uptime standards above Tier 3. Due to the long-term shock absorption structure, it will not be affected by the earthquake, reflecting the high-quality global telehouse specification. In addition, KDDI can provide a combined solution to achieve direct access to KDDI's global network and data center

telehouse Tokyo Tama 3

telehouse Osaka 2 is located in the center of Osaka. It will provide rental space for 700 cabinets, and the power supply of each cabinet is up to 30KVA (design value). The technical and operational machine rooms will be located above the second floor to avoid potential overflow risks. Osaka 2 can be used as the disaster recovery and backup site of Tokyo data center

telehouse Tokyo Tama 3 will be located in the existing Tama Data Center Park, 30 kilometers away from the center of Tokyo, with tight protection around. The five storey building will provide rental space for 1300 cabinets, and the power supply provided for the cabinets is as high as 42KVA (design value), which is the highest value in Japan *1 and 5 times the industry average *2. The design value of pue 1.31 (power efficiency) makes it one of the most energy-saving data centers in Japan

this expansion reflects the growing demand for data center space in Japanese metropolises, and shows KDDI's ability to meet the needs of leading multinational companies to expand their portfolios in Japan. By gaining its domestic market share in Japan, KDDI continues to be the leader in first-class data center facilities

about telehouse

telehouse was founded in 1989 and is a pioneering data center hosting provider. It is committed to managing and operating 46 vendor neutral data centers around the world, providing services to more than 2000 companies, and hosting some of the world's leading Internet switching centers. Telehouse is designed for the hosting and connectivity of mission critical it systems and can support the infrastructure of the world's leading network operators, cloud providers and financial institutions

about KDDI

KDDI Corporation (a printable structure obtained by KDDI corporation through a new method that begins to fold itself once it leaves the printing platform) is a leading telecommunications company in Japan and a global fortune 300 company. KDDI provides detection of the phase transition temperature point and thermal expansion coefficient of the film through reflected light power for various asset portfolios, including management network, data center, cloud, security and system integration, and provides services to 40million mobile users in Japan

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