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Kelei company spent a lot of money to establish two training centers

as a leading CTP equipment manufacturer in China, in order to facilitate printers and relevant personnel to learn more about the digital technology of prepress plate making, and also to provide a base for operators to practice personally, in May and June this year, Beijing Kelei sunshine Printing Co., Ltd. developed inorganic modified polyurethane high molecular new material brush Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing and Hangzhou respectively, A training and demonstration center has been established with the printing factory

since drupa 2004, CTP technology has become the mainstream and trend of prepress plate making. As an excellent national brand in the field of CTP, Corey outshines others in the fierce market competition and has become a bright spot in the domestic market. Li Xianyong, general manager of Beijing Kelei sunshine, said: CTP technology brings not only simple plate making technology, but also a prepress revolution, which makes the whole prepress modular and digital, forming a complete system. This investment in the establishment of the training center is precisely to better accomplish this mission. The site selection in Beijing and Hangzhou is to better meet the needs of the north and south

Kelei North training center is located in the printing city of Daxing District, Beijing. The center has a Kelei leiba folio CTP, and the process is equipped with two sets of solutions: new Yintong and yinnengjie Evo. This system has complete document processing and output plate making capabilities, which can facilitate interested or interested customers to watch the CTP process on site, and jointly provide "2, 3 guarantee" services: discuss CTP technology. In addition to display and training, this equipment can also provide plate making services for printing plants

Kelei South training center will enter clinical use in the near future. It was established by Kelei sunshine in cooperation with Hangzhou Xinhua printing factory. It also shows leiba open CTP. At the same time, it provides services for surrounding printing factories to facilitate Southern customers' understanding of Kelei CTP and further experience of CTP technology, and jointly study the development of domestic printing technology

constantly making progress is not only the slogan of KOLE, but also the common goal of KOLE people. The establishment of KOLE training center is the best evidence for KOLE people to move towards their goals

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