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Keans new product launch! Hybrid ultra-high speed induction electrostatic eliminator SJ

in September 2012, keens launched a new sj-e series electrostatic eliminator! In addition to focusing on the performance of electrostatic elimination, "Chang Manson pointed out that speed, ion balance, maintenance performance and electrostatic elimination range are the four elements, but also pursue the standard of a new generation of electrostatic eliminators to reduce the amount of waste materials collected casually. In addition to the elimination of super static electricity, keens also proposed a new added value of energy saving

about static electricity elimination, do you have the following needs:

I hope the static electricity elimination speed is faster

I hope the static electricity elimination range is larger

I hope it can be adjusted remotely and more finely

sj-e series meets all your static electricity elimination needs. It adopts the supersonic structure developed for the first time, which makes the ion exceed the speed of sound, and the electrostatic removal is twice that of traditional products. In order to show the highest level of elimination performance of aluminum materials in the world, the high static electricity exerted through very little flow can reduce the flow by 60% compared with traditional products, and greatly reduce the operation cost in training

quick download directory, learn more about IV series:

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