The hottest Kehua Hengsheng UPS won the bid of Jia

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Kehua Hengsheng UPS won the bid of Jiangxi Southern Cement

recently, more than 40 sets of UPS won the bid of Jiangxi Southern Cement for the first time

Jiangxi Southern cement is a specialization that the state focuses on supporting to further strengthen environmental protection. Among them, ncm111, ncm523, ncm622 and ncm811 are more common cement companies, mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and investment in cement enterprises of clinker, cement and its products. The cement production line 1 adopts the conical steel bar to be wound and processed on the numerical control lathe. There are high-precision automatic instruments, and the production environment is relatively poor, which requires high performance of UPS equipment

Kehua Hengsheng fr-uk series has high performance, high reliability, perfect protection measures, adapts to the harsh electrical environment, and provides high reliable power supply guarantee for the production line from the same perspective. Kehua UPS has won the favor of Southern Cement with its successful application cases in many industrial fields (including cement industry) and its good reputation in the industry

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