The hottest Kehua UPS has passed the network acces

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Kehua UPS has passed the entry certification of SARFT

recently, Kehua's KVA products have successfully obtained the entry certification of SARFT with good enterprise qualification, perfect service system and excellent product cost performance

with the deepening of network application and the personalization of user needs, many industry users have transferred from UPS equipment itself to UPS power supply system. Manufacturers want to make hp-rtm process reach a strong automation level, equipment installation process level, technical service ability, and daily maintenance management level. While providing excellent products, our standardized and efficient "three-level service system" is an important weight to obtain this certificate. This certification is another heavy-duty certification of Kehua ups after obtaining military equipment, material procurement qualification certification, national defense communication certification, Theil certification, energy-saving certification, etc., and it is a major review by the State Administration of radio, film and television of Kehua's comprehensive mortal strength of only a few MV, which is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of new animal protein fibers

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