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as a global leader in water pump and water technology solutions, Grundfos has made a strong landing at ieexpochengdu2019 (Booth No. exhibition hall). At this exhibition, Grundfos especially demonstrated its innovation and efficiency in coping with the unique challenges of water resources and energy in the western market. As a global leader in water pump and water technology solutions, Grundfos made a strong landing at the 2019 China Environment Expo Chengdu (ie Expo Chengdu 2019, booth No. exhibition hall). At this exhibition, Grundfos specially demonstrated its innovative, efficient and intelligent solutions to the unique challenges of water resources and energy in the western market

Grundfos has made a strong landing at the 2019 China Environment Expo Chengdu Exhibition

with the support of the national western development strategy, the western region has witnessed rapid economic development, urban industrialization and rapid urbanization. At the same time, domestic and industrial sewage has also caused great pollution to the water resources in the western region. To this end, the local government has issued relevant provisions requiring the construction of sewage treatment facilities, strengthening urban sewage treatment and promoting the recycling of water bodies. Taking Sichuan Province as an example, in november2018, the three-year plan for promoting the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities in Sichuan Province proposed that by the end of 2019, the target of urban sewage treatment rate should reach 95%, and the proportion of black and odorous water bodies in the built-up areas of cities at and above the prefecture level should reach more than 90%, so as to ensure the full completion of sewage treatment facilities by the end of 2020. [1]

Grundfos entered the western market as early as the beginning of 2000. With more than 70 years of professional knowledge and experience, Grundfos has deeply cultivated the western region and played an important role in helping the sustainable development of water and energy in the western region. In response to China's western development strategy, Grundfos has accelerated the pace of developing the western market. In 2014, it established a branch in Chongqing and set up a Chongqing plant to serve the western market and customers closely. Since then, Chongqing has become an important base for Grundfos in its western development strategy. As one of Grundfos' four factories in China, Chongqing plant is also the only foreign-funded pump production base located in Western China. In addition, by introducing the mature water and energy environmental protection solutions and successful project experience in the East into the western market, Grundfos has provided solutions tailored to local conditions in various important fields such as sewage collection and transmission, sewage treatment and recycling, industrial wastewater reuse and zero discharge, and building water system energy conservation in western mountainous areas and high-altitude terrain, contributing to the rapid development of Western China

sewage collection in mountainous areas and high-altitude terrain

due to different geographical and climatic factors, Western China is faced with varying degrees of water shortage and challenges of water resources development. It is very important to effectively control sewage and optimize water resources utilization

Grundfos participated in the construction of Shannan Zedang sewage plant, the first Jinan Dongfang experimental machine treatment plant in Shannan area, Zedang Town, Shannan, Tibet. Zedang town is located in Naidong District, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, on the South Bank of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, 3558 meters above sea level. Before the completion of the urban sewage treatment facilities, the random discharge of sewage will cause potential pollution to the water body of the Yarlung Zangbo River. Grundfos integrated prefabricated pump station provides guarantee for sewage collection and upgrading of Shannan Zedang sewage plant, and it is also the highest integrated prefabricated pump station in China. Since the completion and operation of Shannan Zedang sewage plant in 2014, the wetting agent in glass fiber will gradually fail due to long-term storage, which will affect its due performance. After that, the unified collection, treatment and up to standard discharge of domestic sewage have been realized, which is of great significance to the total amount control of water pollutants in Shannan area, and also helps to improve the water environment quality of the receiving water body Yarlung Zangbo River City section and the downstream reaches

Grundfos showed the prefabricated pump station solution on site

efficient sewage treatment and recycling

efficient sewage collection is very popular in the aerospace industry because of its ultra light and super strong characteristics. The reuse of some water bodies is very important to improve the water resource shortage in the West. The flower orchard in the center of Guiyang, Guizhou is the largest shanty town reconstruction project in China. It is a large urban complex integrating residential, commercial, tourism and intelligent life services. At present, 400000 people have settled in, and the daily flow of people has reached 800000. There is a huge demand for sewage treatment. In order to effectively solve the contradiction between the shortage of land resources and the high requirements of the surrounding urban environment, huaguoyuan Wulichong reclaimed water plant adopts the "buried" construction, and is the first in China to integrate the three functions of the park on the ground floor, the bus hub on the ground floor and sewage treatment, so as to reduce the floor area, improve the land utilization rate and integrate with the urban environment. Wulichong reclaimed water plant has a designed domestic sewage treatment capacity of 60000 tons/day, covering an estimated population of 300000. The sewage plant adopts Grundfos prefabricated pump station to collect and lift the sewage outside the plant. Grundfos pump mixing equipment is used in the plant to ensure the stable operation of the sewage treatment process. After comprehensive treatment, 20% of the effluent will be used for landscaping of flower orchards and some commercial purposes, and 80% will be discharged into the Nanming River as landscape supplementary water to ensure the availability of water in the dry season

green industrial wastewater reuse and zero discharge

as China's coal and oil resources are mostly distributed in the northwest where water resources are scarce, China's high water consumption industries (such as coal chemical industry, oil mining, shale gas mining, mining, etc.) are mostly concentrated in this region. The serious shortage of water resources not only puts pressure on industrial production, but also makes the sewage face the dilemma of nowhere to discharge due to the lack of natural water bodies. Therefore, the coal chemical industry has also become the focus of the national zero emission requirements

as the largest one-time investment energy and chemical project in Northwest China, Shaanxi Yanchang coal Yulin Energy and chemical Jingbian energy and chemical park kerosene gas resources comprehensive utilization project phase I zero emission project mainly uses coal residue oil and natural gas as raw materials, and explores a new way for low-carbon development of the energy and chemical industry through in-depth optimization and rational allocation of various resources and production factors. The "zero discharge" system in Grundfos project provides a full range of water treatment solutions, which are applied to the wastewater reuse of high concentration brine to realize zero discharge of water and resource recovery of some salt. Through the clean, efficient transformation and comprehensive utilization of green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable resources, it has important demonstration and leading significance for the development of energy and chemical industry in ecologically fragile areas

energy saving building water system design

continuously improving energy utilization efficiency and supporting the rapid economic growth in Western China with low energy consumption growth rate has always been the direction of green development in Western China. Facing the escalating demand for energy conservation in the western market, Grundfos is also committed to actively developing and creating products and solutions that can meet the needs of customers in the field of construction and energy

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport under construction runs through the whole process of the project from site selection to design, construction and operation. It has very high standards and requirements for the selection of equipment, and aims to build a new airport that is environmentally friendly, low-carbon, economical and sustainable. Grundfos provides a full range of solutions for the terminal building of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, including water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and air conditioning circulating pumps. It uses high-efficiency motors to save energy and reduce the operating cost throughout the life cycle, helping Chengdu Tianfu International Airport achieve the "three star" standard of green buildings

in view of the escalating water and energy challenges in the western market, Grundfos will actively cooperate with all parties, provide professional industry knowledge, develop the western market with innovative, green and efficient water technology solutions, continue to explore new ideas for sustainable development of water and energy, deeply cultivate the western region, and comprehensively help all provinces and cities in the western region better plan, allocate and manage water resources, Make contributions to improving the water environment in the West and improving the living quality of residents

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