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Solutions for aluminized paper cigarette pack printing cigarette pack printing is the leader in the packaging and printing industry. From the 1980s to the 21st century, the development of domestic cigarette packs reflects a trend: coated paper → white cardboard → aluminized cardboard → aluminized paper soft bag, and has been using the most advanced technology and printing solutions in the domestic printing industry

the special absorption performance of aluminized paper surface has always been a difficult problem for the industry peers. This paper introduces the printing solutions adopted by our company in the printing practice of aluminized paper cigarette packets for the reference of peers in the industry

I. common ink sheet fed offset printing solution

common ink sheet fed offset printing is the earliest aluminum plated cardboard printing solution implemented by our company. At that time, aluminized paperboard was still a rare printing material, and it was generally only used to make high-grade cigarette packs that were adjusted or increased or decreased the sizing block under the machine base, so the printing batch was not very large

process method: use white ink as the base for aluminized paperboard, and then print with other colors of ink (usually completed at one time). It is worth noting that: do not add drying oil to the white ink for backing, use infrared drying, and use a small amount of powder for paper receiving; In the printing of other products, in 2018, our company independently developed several new models of colors. A small amount of desiccant, dry oil and quick drying agent can be used, but we must pay attention to the appropriate amount; The printing speed is generally controlled below 5000 sheets/hour, and every 300 ~ 500 sheets printed should be separated by partitions


the color difference of printed matter is large, and there are many problems such as dirty back, ink skin, powder particles, etc. in addition, because the ink dries too fast on the ink path and too slowly on the aluminized paper, it is difficult to grasp the printing suitability, the printing scrap rate is high, and the labor intensity of the staff is high


the requirements for printing equipment are not high  the cost is relatively low  it is suitable for printing products with general quality requirements, less large-scale field work and small printing batch

II. UV ink sheet fed offset printing solution

uv ink is a green and environment-friendly ink that uses the radiation energy of ultraviolet light to crosslink and solidify into a film. With the development of society, people's awareness of environmental protection has been continuously enhanced. UV ink has been widely used in cigarette packs and other high-end packaging and printing fields. In addition to environmental protection, the unique curing method of UV ink also makes it particularly suitable for the printing of aluminized cardboard

process method: generally, one-time printing is completed, but the curing of the backing white ink should be completed in the first printing color group (the first color is equipped with UV lamp, while the curing of other colors of ink can be completed at the end. The printing method is basically the same as that of ordinary ink printing white cardboard.


① UV ink is cured with UV, so the printing equipment must be equipped with UV lamp, and the ink path must also use UV ink path.

② UV ink is expensive, which is several times that of ordinary ink.

③ the transparency of domestic UV ink is not good Needs to be improved

④ the shelf life of UV ink is not very long


the special curing method of UV ink can greatly improve the printing speed, improve the production efficiency, reduce the color difference of printing products, and do not have to worry about the curing effect of large-area field printing ink layer, which greatly improves the printing yield. It is suitable for printing products with large batch, large field area, more field color blocks and relatively stable quality requirements

III. web gravure printing solution

compared with offset printing, gravure printing has a simpler printing principle, so there are relatively few common faults, which is also the unique advantage of gravure printing. Therefore, many aluminized paper cigarette packs in China use web gravure printing solution

process method: generally, solvent based ink is used for gravure printing, and chromatic printing is carried out through the color monitoring system. The main technical parameter to be controlled in offset printing is ink balance, while gravure printing is transferred to the regulation of the scraper


① gravure printing generally uses solvent based ink, which is harmful to the health of operators. Although due to the development of society, solvent based inks are developing from benzene soluble and alcohol soluble inks to water-soluble inks that are harmless to human body, it may take some time for them to be popularized and applied

② gravure printing equipment is expensive, there are many supporting facilities, and the plate making cost is also high. The production cost of a set of plate rollers is about 50000 yuan

③ gravure printing is difficult to reproduce small characters due to the production of plate cylinder, and it is difficult to reproduce large-area point level changes (1% to 9% points)


gravure prints have very stable colors, low scrap rate, and concentrated scrap, greatly reducing the labor intensity of spot inspection. The imported drum tensile test is an important test in the material mechanical property test. The speed of the paper gravure press can generally reach 150m/min, and the efficiency is very high. It is suitable for printing large-scale field orders. In addition, web gravure printing is very suitable for aluminum coated paper soft package printing, which can not be replaced by other printing methods

IV. printing solution combining printing and offset printing

since both printing and offset printing have their own advantages after they are completed, a printing solution combining printing and offset printing has emerged

process method: combine the matte printing, ice flower printing, etc. of offset printing with the line and text printing, and implement them on the same product


due to the different printing methods, the two printing plates are also different in manufacturing process, technology and operation mode, which will lead to the decline of printing registration accuracy


the best effect of various printing methods can be perfectly reproduced in the same product. It is suitable for displaying the exquisite and gorgeous texture and delicate level changes of the best cigarette packs

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