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A new round of electricity price reduction has been opened. The park's operating electricity can be restructured into incremental distribution. On March 2, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) made major vertical and horizontal power plants to obtain material information with restrictive requirements in the products. The information experts do not know how to choose to issue an urgent document on March 8 to implement the requirement of reducing the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% mentioned in the government work report. The national general manager said during the two sessions that the 10% price reduction amount was about 80billion yuan. According to the electricity consumption data of the whole society in 2017 released by the national energy administration, the electricity consumption of the tertiary industry was 881.4 billion kwh, an increase of 10.7%. Taking the general industrial and commercial electricity price of less than 1kV in Guangdong as an example, the basic electricity price was 82.62 cents/kWh. If the general industrial and commercial electricity consumption could be close to 1trillion kwh in 2018, the overall price reduction amount would be 80billion yuan

the last electricity price adjustment was the electricity price structure adjustment in July 2017. However, the dividends released by that electricity price adjustment were mainly used to alleviate the operating difficulties of power generation enterprises, and were not transmitted to the user side. Moreover, the general industry and commerce did not enjoy obvious benefits in this round of power system reform. Because the direct electricity transaction mainly tends to large industrial users, the threshold for general industrial and commercial users is high, and the range of users who can enjoy the transaction bonus is not wide. This time, the electricity price cost of users is reduced from the power transmission and distribution link, which can be said to reduce the burden without difference

however, the measures taken to reduce the price this time are also very noteworthy:

clearing and returning the temporary electricity charge and comprehensively utilizing the system backup of self provided units, which are the policies issued in 2017

verification of regional electricity and trans provincial and trans regional transmission and distribution electricity prices, of which the reduced part will be used to reduce the transmission and distribution electricity prices of relevant provinces. In this way, the transmission and distribution electricity prices of some provinces are expected to be reduced

it has been a good practice in Yunnan to reduce electricity charges and improve the flexibility of the implementation of the two-part electricity price. However, Jing Jian most wants to discuss that the electricity in the industrial park can be voluntarily transferred to direct power supply or transformed into increased power distribution. At present, many places regard the pilot of incremental distribution as a powerful measure to reduce user costs. Many owners' preferred bidding also covers the score of preferential prices. If this kind of power can be restructured into incremental distribution, is it necessary to offer preferential prices in operation

the transmission and distribution electricity price can be temporarily reduced, which means that within the regulatory cycle, the proportion of the newly increased transmission and distribution investment to the depreciation can be reduced from an average of 75% to 70%. The cost has decreased, and the transmission and distribution electricity price naturally decreases with the "water level"

at present, this is the first batch of price reduction measures. Jingjian has to pay attention to the effect of third-party evaluation after the implementation of this measure, which will also determine whether the second batch of measures will become more powerful

let's take a look at the Hubei plan first.

of course, the Hubei Price Bureau has taken measures to reduce electricity prices. The specific effects are as follows:

general industrial, commercial and other electricity consumption is reduced by 0.0256 yuan/kwh

the transmission and distribution electricity price of general industrial and commercial and other electricity consumption is temporarily reduced by 0.0256 yuan/kWh, and the two figures are the same

the single sale price is reduced by 0.076 yuan/kwh

for natural gas units that are higher than the benchmark electricity price for domestic combustion coal in the province, the price will be reduced by 0.35 yuan/kwh

the preferential electricity price with simple operation for ionic membrane caustic soda production is cancelled

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