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CNR ensures that the railway artery is unblocked and closely weaves safety protection in summer

CNR ensures that the railway artery is unblocked and closely weaves safety protection in summer

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in recent days, the temperature in most parts of China has generally increased, and severe weather such as heavy rainfall and strong winds have occurred frequently, affecting the safe operation of the railway. CNR Tongche company has taken a series of effective measures to refine the safety assurance work to ensure that the railway artery is unblocked

heatstroke prevention and flood control are important contents of railway safety work in summer. In July, severe weather such as high temperature and heavy rainfall occurred in North China, East China and parts of the southwest. Nearly 1300 harmonious locomotives developed by Tongche company are distributed in many railway trunk lines such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Kowloon and Lanzhou Xinjiang. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of trunk railways and ensure the safe and reliable operation of locomotive products, Tongche company actively takes effective measures to escort the safe operation of Railways

Tongche company continues to carry out in-depth activities to build brand locomotives and build railway demonstration. If it is required to take * major efforts, it will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with users and optimize product after-sales service. In high temperature weather, the same Locomotive Company focuses on monitoring key locomotive equipment such as traction transformer and cooling unit of air conditioning system, and works closely with users to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature of key equipment. Organize technicians with rich experience to ride on the train, timely grasp the operation data of the locomotive, and ensure the safe operation of the locomotive in high temperature weather from the aspects of technical service and performance optimization

carry out 24-hour all-weather after-sales service, closely grasp the changes of rain and flood conditions, formulate detailed emergency rescue plans, and carry out safety rectification of the affected locomotives at the first time. Build a linkage mechanism with users, strengthen the inspection of vehicle lightning protection, roof insulation equipment maintenance, and external facilities cleaning, and improve the safe driving level of locomotives. In view of landslides, mudslides and other dangerous situations that may be caused by rainstorms on mountain lines, Tongche company and relevant units work together to strengthen the safety protection of locomotives, pay close attention to safety critical points, and ensure driving safety in rainy season. 3.4 castings should not have cracks

at the same time, the same Locomotive Company further improved the quality and safety assurance of locomotives, ensuring the reliability and stability of locomotive products from the production and manufacturing links. However, as SEBS is a rubber like material, it carefully carried out the quality and safety improvement of locomotives to effectively meet the needs of railway safe operation

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