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Beigong embedded quasi system makes efforts to light up the city with wisdom. As night falls, street lamps in the city light up the temperature of our life. In the rush of night, it can always light up a hope for office workers still on the road. As a very important part of urban lighting system, urban street lamp system is also the focus of government construction

driven by technology, urban street lighting systems in many places have been equipped with intelligent wings and become a very important part of intelligent urban systems. They have fully realized the intelligent level of urban street lighting systems and improved the management level of urban street lights. Through the use of Beidou, remote sensing and other technologies to build a smart street lamp information system, the deployment of smart cities is no longer supported by Chinese factors, and the strength has become larger and wider

urban intelligent street lighting system

smart road and support the display and annotation of various characteristics on the experimental curve. The lighting information system is built by cloud data built by hardware systems with different divisions of labor. It has led real-time scrolling screen, energy saving and consumption reduction, realizes wireless WiFi, remote control, real-time monitoring of environmental data, fault alarm and other functions, and can summarize the collected information to the backstage command center, provide real-time data for urban intelligent management, and realize the multi pole one, one pole multi-function intelligent management mode. The realization of these functions is coordinated by the remote control system, intelligent induction street lamp and data system

urban street lighting system integrating multiple functions

with the development of urban road system, the layout structure of urban area street lighting system is becoming more and more complex. To carry out remote control and management, a powerful control system is needed to support a huge data input and output project. At the same time, the agility, flexibility, low energy consumption and long-term stable operation ability of the system are all important dimensions that affect the function of the Urban Smart street lamp system. A hardware system with excellent performance is needed to ensure its normal and efficient operation

a number of ice fin structure embedded quasi systems newly developed by North China industrial control can provide products for intelligent street lamp remote control system 27 The concrete mix mixer is 60 liters long. North China Industrial Control Based on Intel H11 is easy to enter the misunderstanding of brand effect in purchasing. The third generation ice wing structure embedded quasi system bis-6680h of chipset 0 is one of the representative products

application of North China industrial control products in intelligent street lamp system

the products adopt the new ice wing shape structure of North China industrial control, fan free design, support fast installation, easy installation and maintenance, the maximum memory support 24GB, large amount of information processing, provide rich and powerful functional interfaces, strong product compatibility, support VGA, dvi/hdmi, DP display interface, support independent dual display, the products have 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, support network wake-up function, Support WiFi, provide SIM card slot (support 3g/4g network expansion), and have good network application performance. In addition, it has excellent industrial grade performance, waterproof, shockproof, and can operate stably in a wide temperature environment

the third generation ice wing structure embedded quasi system based on Intel H110 chipset of North China industrial control

the pace of building a smart city is accelerated. It is inseparable from the help of systems at all levels. To realize a real smart city, it also requires the linkage of various systems. North China industrial control will wholeheartedly develop more intelligent hardware to support the continuous strengthening of the functions of the smart street lamp system. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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