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With the advent of winter, the Northeast glass market took the lead in setting off the winter storage wave of the glass industry in 2013. According to futures, the progress of northeast glass winter storage this year was less than expected, and the actual implementation price was far lower than the agreed price, so the overall enthusiasm of the market was not high. The market is concerned about whether this pessimism will spread to other glass markets in the north

like many varieties, glass is also facing winter storage in winter. Due to the severe cold weather, the real estate construction is not smooth, and the demand for glass has declined. But for glass manufacturers, once the ignition is started, they cannot stop work. In order to digest the excess inventory as soon as possible and recover the funds, glass production enterprises can only sell glass to traders at a lower price. Considering the demand after the spring of the next year, traders will hoard products at a lower price in a timely manner, and then sell them at a higher price for profit after the spring

every year, the winter storage action of the glass market takes the lead in the Northeast market. Different from last year, at the Northeast consortium meeting held in mid November, the price of the first batch of glass winter storage this year was set at 1160 yuan/ton, which greatly exceeded market expectations

"due to the improvement of the prosperity of the glass market this year, many production enterprises turned losses into profits, making the winter storage price in the Northeast glass market rise by 40-60 yuan/ton compared with the same period last year." Hongye futures analyst zhangyongge said

according to market participants, although the Northeast conference this year set a higher glass winter storage price than the curve, displacement and force value can be dynamically displayed on the digital display, in the actual process, the market participation is not optimistic, and few enterprises implement the agreed price. "Compared with previous years, this year's winter storage time is ahead of schedule. The actual price of the first batch of winter storage is lower than the agreed price, and the confidence in the future market is obviously insufficient." Chen Xiaofei, chief operating officer of China Glass information, told futures that glass sales in Northeast China have distinct seasons, and it is necessary to define 'in which aspects performance should be prioritized to minimize complexity'. Due to the early arrival of cold air this year, the Northeast glass market has entered the winter storage stage nearly a month in advance. In addition, the recent heavy snow suggests that the maximum hot residence time should be less than 8 minutes, It has a certain impact on the sales of glass production enterprises, and the reduction promotion is widespread. It is understood that the actual implementation price of the enterprise is basically 1080-1120 yuan/ton

"in addition to the weather factors, there is also the pressure of production capacity." According to Zhang Yongge, the centralized ignition of the new glass production line this year has increased the supply of the whole industry. Among them, in the northeast region alone, there are new production capacity of 2900 tons of daily melting capacity based on this accumulation, such as Benxi Yingxin third line, Yingxin fourth line and Shuangliao Yingxin. "The increase of production capacity makes traders and enterprises feel lack of confidence in the market next year, and the overall performance of winter storage is not positive." Zhang Yongge said

according to Chen Xiaofei, affected by the Northeast market, the prices of some glass enterprises in Qinhuangdao, North China have begun to decline to adapt to the new winter storage prices. However, futures learned during recent visits to Shahe and Shandong that due to the low inventory and smooth sales of local enterprises, glass prices are still at a phased high, and most processing enterprises and traders have no winter storage plans for the time being

"although there is no sign of winter storage in Shahe at present, I think the time node for winter storage is very close." The person in charge of a glass production enterprise in Shahe City admitted that the off-season market will not last long. With the reduction of temperature, the glass price will be adjusted in December. At that time, the enterprise's enthusiasm for winter storage may be ignited. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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