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North Valve General Factory is committed to the localization of molten salt valves

in the afternoon of October 17, csplaza member units' National itinerant research activities sponsored by csplaza and co organized by Beijing Tianrui Xingguang Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. entered Beijing valve General Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as North valve General Factory) to further understand the localization of molten salt valves

in the afternoon of October 17, csplaza member units' National itinerant research activity, hosted by csplaza and co organized by Beijing Tianrui star Thermal Technology Co., Ltd., went to Beijing Valve Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as North valve factory) to further understand the localization of molten salt valves

Beijing valve plant, established in 1952, has been developing for 65 years. As a time-honored brand in the valve industry, it is increasingly valued by countries all over the world. North valve plant has a high reputation in the valve industry. After the rise of the solar thermal power generation market, North valve plant has sized up the situation and carried out research and development on valve related products for solar thermal power generation system. It has received awards from Capital Airlines energy conservation, Dongfang Boiler, China Guangdong nuclear power, Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Qingyun sunshine - multiple project orders from Tsinghua University Laboratory and other units

in "And it can reduce the weight of ground transportation vehicles. It was learned at the research symposium held here that compared with other media, the molten salt has a higher operating temperature, which is more conducive to improving the overall operating efficiency of the optical thermal power plant. However, the high melting point, corrosiveness and other characteristics of molten salt make the operating conditions of the system more complex, posing a higher challenge to the relevant equipment on the whole power plant. At present, molten salt valves used in the project are common Some problems mainly include: 1. Molten salt remains inside the valve body, causing salt accumulation, freezing and blocking of the valve, causing internal leakage of the valve body; 2. Molten salt crystallization at the upper end of the bellows; 3. The stuffing box is corroded; 4. Valve rod deformation and high temperature jam; 5. Molten salt cavitation

Li Lijun, general manager of North Valve General Factory, said that the characteristics of molten salt medium determine that the design of the valve should meet the following points: first, during the operation of the power station, the molten salt valve needs to be opened and closed more frequently to control the circulation of molten salt. Under this condition of frequent opening and closing, the valve must be able to maintain normal operation; Secondly, the main body of molten salt valve can withstand the corrosion of high-temperature molten salt up to 565 degrees Celsius. In addition, the packing for sealing the valve body and valve stem should also withstand the corrosion of high-temperature molten salt. For this, new anti-corrosion sealing materials such as mica and ceramic packing can be used; During the design of the valve, the phenomenon of salt accumulation must be eliminated to avoid the freezing and blocking of molten salt at the valve; Finally, in order to prevent molten leakage, the valve sealing must be done well, and multi-level sealing methods such as additional bellows can be considered

it is understood that at present, beivalve general factory can produce various valve products such as heat transfer oil valve and molten salt valve suitable for photothermal projects, including molten salt gate valve, molten salt stop valve (straight through, Y-type, angle type), molten salt butterfly valve, molten salt regulating valve, etc; Heat transfer oil valves include heat transfer oil bellows stop valves (straight through, Y-type, angle type), heat transfer oil bellows regulating valves and heat transfer oil butterfly valves. The design of products of beivalve General Factory is based on the calculation of three-dimensional simulation software. This method can effectively ensure the design accuracy of products and greatly improve the reliability of products. During the investigation, the relevant technicians of beivalve General Factory demonstrated the practical application of the software to the investigation team

it is reported that gate valves, globe valves and butterfly valves have their own advantages, but ball valves are generally not selected for molten salt valves. According to the process design, the form of gate valve or triple eccentric butterfly valve can be selected for the switching condition, and the form of globe single seat regulating valve or Y-type and angle stop valve can be selected for the regulating condition. Many factors need to be considered in the selection of valve types for molten salt photothermal project, such as installation space, pipeline flow resistance, comprehensive cost, pipeline heat tracing, pipeline throttling, this is a new process, pipeline thermal expansion, medium design temperature, pressure conditions, etc., so the type of valve should be selected according to the design criteria of the design institute

During the activity, the research group visited the factory of beivalve General Factory. Visited the production line of the valve, learned about its production process and technology, and learned about the product quality control processes such as spectral testing, hardness testing, welding testing, mechanical property testing, nondestructive testing, etc. In the factory, the research group also saw the relevant equipment and laboratories used to produce valves in the 1970s. Li Lijun said, "the reason why these equipment were not thrown away is that in the future, we plan to build a museum of domestic valves to record the development and changes of domestic valve industry."

as a member of cspplaza platform, Li Lijun accepted the plaque of member units issued by huxipeng, editor in chief of cspplaza, on behalf of North Valve General Factory in this research activity. Li Lijun said that the North valve plant will continue to promote the R & D and testing of domestic molten salt valves to help realize the full localization of molten salt valves for optical thermal power stations as soon as possible

from Beijing Tianruixing photothermal Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xinchen photothermal Technology Co., Ltd., but when the reinforcing sheet at the end of the sample is not firmly pasted, Zhejiang Jiuli special material technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai luodingsen industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhongse temperature measuring instrument Material Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Huafang new energy high tech equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Feiyue machine pump group Co., Ltd Representatives of several cspplaza member units such as Beijing zhongre Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this research activity with the delegation

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