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Northern rare earth promotes the construction of key rare earth projects

in the rare earth application Industrial Park, modern plants have sprung up; In the transformation workshop of the smelting branch (Huamei Company), various production lines are being installed and debugged, which affects the accuracy of experimental data, and the workers are busy in a nervous and orderly manner... Everywhere, people deeply feel the upsurge of the construction of rare earth projects in the north

since the beginning of the year, North rare earth has grasped the strategic transformation focusing on rare earth in the "13th five year plan" of Baotou Steel, strengthened and expanded the rare earth industry, continued to promote the transformation and upgrading, accelerated the pace of investment cooperation and independent research and development, and fully promoted the rare earth permanent magnet motor project, the rare earth medical industry base, the technical transformation of Huamei regional transformation workshop and the recovery project of extraction workshop New projects such as rare earth based denitration catalysts with an annual output of 50000 cubic meters will reach production and efficiency as soon as possible, helping to extend the rare earth industry chain to terminal applications

in order to speed up the implementation of the preparatory projects, northern rare earth has established a preparatory group for the rare earth permanent magnet motor business division, under which there are five project groups, including rare earth permanent magnet high-efficiency motors, alloys, waste recycling and nonferrous metals, PVC rare earth additives, SCR diesel exhaust purification, etc. at present, the projects are steadily advancing. Among them, the project team of rare earth permanent magnet high efficiency motor manufacturing base has increased external publicity and continuously attracted high-quality enterprises in the industry to negotiate and cooperate, and has reached cooperation intentions with many enterprises; At the same time, at the 10th China Baotou rare earth industry forum, the North rare earth permanent magnet high efficiency motor academician workstation was inaugurated, setting up a new platform for the development and cooperation of major rare earth projects in the north. The industrialization project of new environmental friendly light rare earth heat stabilizer for PVC has put pilot products into production and achieved good market results. It has preliminarily reached cooperation intentions with many enterprises, and is actively preparing to build a production line with an annual output of 20000 tons of PVC rare earth heat stabilizer. On August 18, the protective fence of pendulum impact testing machine is common. North rare earth signed a cooperation agreement with Hebei Huate and Beijing kaites to jointly establish a new company, and take the new company as the main body to build the rare earth based SCR catalyst and post-treatment system project for diesel engines. At present, the engineering construction of the 100 ton SCR catalyst powder demonstration line has begun, and strive to complete the equipment installation and commissioning by the end of the year

at the same time, northern rare earth actively promotes rare earth medical projects, grabs regional medical industry policies, relies on the advantages of rare earth resources, introduces investors through asset light cooperation, and builds "one platform and two centers", namely, health image cloud platform, medical image diagnosis center and rare earth medical industry base service center, Build a comprehensive medical industry base of Zui in Northwest China because some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity. Among them, the industrial and commercial registration of Inner Mongolia Xibao General Medical System Co., Ltd. has been completed, and the business license was obtained on May 28. The cooperation and development of superconducting magnetic resonance, CT and mobile vehicle mounted products are in progress. In view of the particularity of superconducting nuclear magnetic related majors, it is planned to start market-oriented public recruitment. The next step will be to promote the selection, research and development of core software and hardware systems of products and the bidding and procurement of related equipment

as one of the key self built projects to help strengthen and expand the rare earth industry in the north, the transformation workshop technical transformation and extraction workshop recovery project of the smelting branch (Huamei Company) has been water tested in September this year and is expected to be commissioned in October. The project is the only linkage extraction process production line of rare earth in North China, representing the high level of Zui extraction process in the current industry. This process can save about 20million yuan in raw material cost every year, and make great contributions to the company's refining and refining raw materials, deepening cost reduction and efficiency increase, and accelerating strength and expansion

in addition, the construction of phase I production line of the rare earth based denitration catalyst project with an annual output of 50000 cubic meters has been completed. In mid August, it entered the stage of commissioning with materials. The main equipment mixer, extruder, drying kiln, etc. operate normally, and the commissioning with materials is carried out in an orderly manner. It is expected to be officially completed and put into operation in 2018. The construction of this project has promoted the application and resource balance of lanthanum and cerium products of northern light rare earth mines, and filled the gap in the rare earth catalytic material industry chain of northern rare earth and even Baotou City and autonomous region

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