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In response to the impact of the current round of global financial crisis, the State Council promulgated the revitalization plan for the top ten industries, including the equipment manufacturing industry. As an old industrial base, it is worth looking forward to whether the three northeastern provinces can take the lead in bringing the equipment industry from "made in China" to a new stage of "designed in China"

according to Shi Yong, director of the Institute of strategy and planning of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the equipment manufacturing industry in Northeast China has achieved rapid development since the "key points for revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China" was approved by the State Council in 2004. One of the landmark events is that in 2006, the added value of equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province exceeded that of petrochemical and metallurgy for the first time, becoming the largest pillar industry in Liaoning Province

however, this round of financial crisis will become the first threshold to face in the rapid development of northeast equipment manufacturing industry

Li Zhanshu, governor of Heilongjiang Province, said at this year's Provincial People's Congress that since September last year, the impact of the international financial crisis has gradually spread from the initial crude oil, coke and other industries to the equipment industry

according to the information released by the Northeast Revitalization Department of the national development and Reform Commission, the orders of ordinary, economical and medium and high-end CNC machine tools of Shenyang Machine Tool Plant decreased by about 45% and 15% respectively. The demand for automotive, metallurgical and machine tool bearings of Wazhou group decreased by 60%, 30% and 30% respectively. At the same time, the signed order contract has also been revoked or suspended

ZHENG Xianling, an analyst at CSC, said that due to the current declining demand in the international market, the days of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises' alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel) and cold working die steel will be very sad in the future. Accelerating the integration within the industry and eliminating backward technologies and some unreasonable projects will be the focus of future work

Bayer chairman marijn Dekkers said that the company would give priority to selling its material technology department through IPO (initial public offering), and in the midst of the financial crisis, looking for opportunities to promote the next development of the enterprise with a long-term perspective would enable the enterprise to turn the crisis around faster

"recently, in the process of communicating with many large equipment enterprises, we found that in the face of the financial crisis, many enterprises have given up the impulse of production expansion and carefully observed the changes in the market. However, some far sighted enterprises began to recruit core technicians from some foreign equipment enterprises that collapsed due to the financial crisis through overseas channels." Shi Yong said

"in fact, one of the main reasons why the equipment manufacturing industry in the United States is so developed is that when the Soviet Union collapsed, American enterprises employed a large number of core technicians in the equipment field of the former Soviet Union." Zheng Xianling said, "if our enterprises can grasp this opportunity, they will gain a lot for the long-term development of China's equipment manufacturing industry."

according to Shi Yong, for the development of equipment manufacturing enterprises in Northeast China, the reserve of talents and technology is only a part of it. It is also crucial to accelerate the development of supporting service platforms in the equipment industry

in fact, at the two sessions of the National People's Congress, the deputies of Liaoning Provincial People's Congress will submit the proposal of "Shenyang Economic Zone applying for the national pilot zone for comprehensive supporting reform of new industrialization", suggesting that the development plan of Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry be included in the national "12th Five Year Plan" and upgraded to a national strategy

Zhao Changyi, a deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the Standing Committee of Shenyang Municipal People's Congress, said during his investigation in Shenyang Economic Zone at the beginning of this year that Shenyang Economic Zone has a solid industrial foundation and has the industrial advantages of taking the road of new industrialization. The day when the old industrial base is revitalized is the time when new industrialization cannot be realized too quickly

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