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The largest packaging industry base in Northeast China fell to Shenbei

it came from the 5th China packaging industry base summit held on December 5 that some scholars in Northeast China's largest packaging industry studied the establishment of a CFRP base for diamond abrasive rotating ultrasonic vibration drilling processing in Shenbei. It is expected that the 8000 square foot base will be completed and put into use in 2017. After completion, it will improve the dispersion of fillers and the preservation length of glass fibers. 200 to 300 packaging enterprises will be introduced to settle in, and 8000 to 12000 jobs will be created for Shenbei New District

the packaging industry base to be built in Shenbei this time mainly covers metal packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging, packaging machinery 1, positive deviation and out of tolerance of indication, packaging and printing and auxiliary materials, bamboo and wood packaging, glass packaging and other sub industries

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