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Fubei hope primary school brings Santa Claus to Fubei hope primary school brings Santa Claus to Fubei hope primary school brings Santa Claus to Fubei hope primary school

December 17, 2008

[China paint information] the corporate culture cared by Nippon (China) Co., Ltd. not only has a long-term foothold in paint technology innovation, but also devotes enthusiasm to charity. On December 16th, 2008, the repainting project of Nippon Fubei hope primary school was completed. A grand completion ceremony celebrated the injection of colorful dreams into this hope primary school, providing a spacious and bright learning environment for 110 100mm students. Libang Fubei hope primary school is located in Fubei village, Fushui Town, Huayin City, Shaanxi Province, with 8 classrooms, 7 classes and 12 teaching staff

in order to bring a healthy environment to children, this time, Nippon applied the latest Jingwei technology platform product "Jingwei 120" to repaint the inner wall of the school building. As early as May 28, 2005, Nippon donated more than 300000 yuan to renovate the dilapidated school building of Fubei primary school, which was built in the 1970s. 138 problems such as adhesives for concrete structure reinforcement and too long loading specimens

"Grandpa Christmas, Grandpa Christmas is collectively referred to as" composite insulation materials "!" At the celebration of the completion of Fubei colorful hope primary school, the children were excited about the sudden appearance of Santa Claus. "Santa Claus" was dressed up by sun, general manager of Nippon West sales. Santa Claus not only brought stationery and other school supplies to the children, but also brought surprise and joy to the children

the children of Nippon Fubei hope primary school also have "unique skills". On behalf of all the children, 20 students presented their favorite things with paintbrushes and gave them to the leaders and on-site staff of Nippon headquarters who came from Shanghai far away. They use colorful paintbrushes to paint a picture of their dreams on their small drawing board. They expressed their wishes and thanks with immature paintings

the students of Nippon Fubei hope primary school not only start a new study and life in a colorful fairy tale environment, but also with the help of Nippon's latest "clean taste" and "quick drying" technology, the school doesn't have to worry about any paint smell in the classroom before and after the painting process, which will affect the health of students

on November 17, 2008, Nippon donated 300000 yuan to build taosihao Nippon hope primary school in TUZUO banner. At the same time, on November 20, 2008, Nippon Taigu hope primary school donated by Nippon company in Taigu, Shanxi Province was completed. Shaanxi Fubei hope primary school is the third color hope primary school built by Nippon this year

at the end of 2008, China's economy became increasingly weak under the impact of the global financial crisis, while Nippon coatings (China) Co., Ltd. still insisted on using high-quality products and colorful coatings to accelerate the progress of philanthropy. So far, Nippon has established 10 hope primary schools in China, which are located in Xibaipo revolutionary base area, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other places, and the 11th primary school is about to start construction in Guangyuan, Sichuan

after enjoying the love brought by Nippon people, Nippon Fubei hope primary school will not forget to repay the society and spread its love. After the Wenchuan earthquake, children also took the initiative to help students from disaster areas. Since late May 2008, some primary and secondary school students in the disaster areas in Sichuan have successively come to Huayin to study in the form of relatives and friends. Nippon Fubei hope primary school also accepted pan Jiaxin, a first-year student from Pingwu County

Wu Jialun, senior manager of Nippon's public relations center, said that the colorful colors of Nippon Paint not only a gorgeous campus and a warm learning atmosphere, but also allow children to outline a more splendid and beautiful future through their love for campus learning and life. Manager Wu also said that Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. will continue to use good paint and color in 2009, invite more good partners and media in the market to participate in the event, increase sponsorship investment in national hope primary schools, orphanages and various art activities, and make modest contributions to solving the problem of children's schooling in poor areas of China. Nippon hopes to use "love to paint hope" in 2009, and the color full of love will spread across China

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