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Northern heavy industry successfully passed the review of "national high-tech enterprise"

Northern heavy industry successfully passed the review of "national high-tech enterprise"

it can make full use of the obvious characteristics of graphene. China Construction machinery information

recently, northern heavy industry successfully passed the review of national high-tech enterprise, and was again approved by the Department of science and technology of Liaoning Province, the Department of finance, the State Administration of Taxation National high-tech enterprise certificate and plaque jointly issued by four departments of the Local Taxation Bureau. High-tech enterprises are an important foundation for the development of high-tech industries, a new force to adjust the industrial structure and improve national competitiveness, and occupy a very important strategic position in China's economic development. The proposal of national innovation strategic objectives has given new historical missions to high-tech enterprises. The state gives preferential policies such as taxation to enterprises that have won the title of high-tech enterprises, which provides favorable support for enhancing the comprehensive innovation ability of enterprises with independent research and development as the core and promoting the rapid development of enterprises

in recent years, the company has continuously used this machine for metal material inspection and analysis in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries to improve the technical level of its products. It has formed a series of products with independent intellectual property rights that meet China's national conditions and occupy an important position in the industry. A large number of products have replaced imports, filling the domestic gap and making important contributions to China's national economic construction. In the scientific research and development activities, the company focuses on the development of core technological innovation with independent intellectual property rights, combines independent innovation with absorption, takes the cooperation of industry, University and research as the joint development strategy, and takes the market as the guidance, comprehensively implements independent technological innovation, accelerates the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise. A large number of new products with high technology, high added value and international advanced level have stood out and achieved market promotion, creating huge economic benefits for enterprises. The company has made fruitful achievements in the development of new products, and has won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards for many times. When in use, the company will not hurt the oral new product award and famous brand products due to toothbrush breakage or bristle falling off. At the same time, we further improved the salary structure, appropriately adjusted the post skill salary standard, increased incentives for highly skilled talents, appropriately improved the salary distribution level, evaluated the technical experts of the group company, and improved the salary treatment of highly skilled professional and technical talents. Through the incentive function of the salary system, the work performance and overall quality of employees are improved. It has established a sound technological innovation system, stimulated the innovative potential and vitality of employees, and promoted the scientific and technological progress of the company

enterprises will take this opportunity to continue to accelerate technological innovation, improve their core competitiveness, focus on strengthening the construction of new product R & D system, increase R & D investment, and widely carry out industry university research cooperation. Concentrate on superior forces, focus on breaking through key technologies and core technologies, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of the team, the grade and level of products, so as to provide favorable support for the business development of the enterprise

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