The hottest plastics market in Jiangsu and Zhejian

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The market of plastics in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is gradually getting better

in order to improve the sales of PS in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, Jinan testing machine pliers we very much welcome and actively interact with the industry elite in the future. Yanhua lowered the ex factory price of GPPS yesterday, and the new ex factory price of GPPS is 7200 yuan/t. However, according to Zhejiang customers, Yanhua Hangzhou Sales Office bought Huangyan yesterday at a price of 7000 yuan/t with a long history, and the quantity cooperates with each other for 500 tons. In addition, GPPS will enter changpanjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in South China in these two days. At present, it still produces modified benzene, and the sales of hips have improved significantly in the near future. The new price is yuan/t. Due to the decrease of GPPS' sales profit, Panjin decided not to produce for the time being, and the GPPS with a minimum of 6700 yuan/t in the early stage has been sold out

affected by the lower ex factory price of northern PS, Shantou ocean, Guangzhou Petrochemical and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei were overwhelmed. The sales agents sold them to the production plant immediately after purchasing yesterday, and asked the ocean company to adjust the price again. By yesterday afternoon, Shantou ocean company had actually reduced the GPPS and hips out of the warehouse by 100 yuan/t. Under the pressure of too much inventory, Guangzhou Petrochemical decided to significantly reduce the ex factory price of GPPS and hips in these two days because PS didn't leave the warehouse for a week in succession

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