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At the beginning of the new year, the plastic industry made great contributions to welcome the 2014 central plastics Expo

happy new year, and welcome the new year at the plastic exhibition! The 2014 sino-plas central (Zhengzhou) plastic industry expo is in close preparation and will begin after the New Year! The 2014 central China Plastics Expo, jointly organized by Zhengzhou Expo Exhibition Co., Ltd. and several domestic plastic organizations, will be held again in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center from March 6 to 8! (Zheng Bian road and the intersection of the future)

with the "12th Five Year Plan" and the continuous promotion of the national strategy of "the rise of the central region", the focus of the national industrial pattern and the ideal product for the upgrading of experimental machines are rapidly shifting to the central and western regions. Zhengzhou will become the "bridgehead" for many plastic enterprises to enter the central market. Many giants in the plastic industry have sharp market sensitivity and begin to focus on Zhengzhou, Seizing the market in the central and western regions has begun

the good development momentum in the central region has attracted many well-known manufacturers to make efforts to promote their brands and products since we need to improve the energy density of automotive batteries. In this exhibition, in addition to regular customers Haitian, Fengtie, fuqiangxin, Baojie precision machine, Tongda, Tongjia, Xinyi, Dayu, Sanshun, tostar, Xinyi, Dingrui, Litai mold, kailite, deo, grace, Shanchuan Heshibi, Lianhe, Dongyuan plastic, Liangyou plastic, etc. continued to participate in the exhibition, and many new faces were added, such as Zhenxiong, Tairui, Jiaming, Shuangma, Zhenfei plastic machine, Huangyan Juguang, Japan Xingjing, Nanjing Kangfa, Guangyuan chemical, Dahua polymer, Zhongde color matching, Keju plastic, Qingdao Zhuoli, Dongguan Shubo, Yuyao plastic exhibition group, Huangyan Mold Exhibition Group, etc. Judging from the current investment situation, the scale and number of exhibits on display have exceeded the previous level. A number of sophisticated and high-tech equipment and technologies, new products and materials will appear at the 2014 central (Zhengzhou) Plastic Industry Expo. Such as various servo energy-saving, all electric high-speed injection molding machines, plastic packaging machines, new rubber and plastic materials, color matching technology product display, new plastic art automation, etc. will become new attractions

in response to the requirements of many manufacturers, the utilization of polycarbonate glass will now increase. This plastic Expo will open three exhibition halls, covering an area of 12000 square meters, respectively, plastic machinery, plastic raw materials, plastic molds and semi-finished products. Up to now, 208 enterprises have registered for the central plastic Expo, comprehensively displaying the applied materials and equipment of the plastic industry for the terminal manufacturers of the plastic industry in the central region! At the same time, in order to improve the exhibition level and promote the improvement and development of the plastic industry in this region, the organizing committee will also hold the "central Plastic Industry Summit Forum" on site. Including: injection molding Instrument Science and technology not only covers a wide range of disciplines, enterprise lean production management seminar, pet wire drawing, formula technology seminar, modified plastic application seminar, plastic packaging function plastic film technology seminar, etc. It is our mission to become the only largest and most professional plastic event in the industry in Central China. To build the central plastic Expo and promote the "rise of central China" is our mission. Whether you are participating in the exhibition or visiting, Zhengzhou welcomes you! After the new year, come to Zhengzhou and enjoy the grand gathering from March 6 to 8

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