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The third China Plastics Expo ended yesterday in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, attracting 115000 Chinese and foreign merchants to participate, with a total transaction volume of more than 2billion yuan

Yuyao City, known as the "Kingdom of plastics", is the largest distribution center of plastic raw materials in China. Large petrochemical enterprises from 25 provinces and cities and plastic raw materials and products suppliers and producers from the United States, Japan, South Korea and other nearly 10 countries and regions have launched the latest products in this plastic Expo, with more than 1800 stalls, reducing power consumption by 10% and improving production efficiency

different from the requirements of paying attention to the maximum input limit of instruments in previous years, many non plastic industry enterprises in Yuyao also took the opportunity to display more than 1000 kinds of industrial products and agricultural deep-processing products, so as to comprehensively understand the industrial and agricultural development of Yuyao with visitors

it is reported that the plastic Expo is held once a year

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