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Plastics occupy the mainstream of dairy packaging

the dairy industry in 2006 is changing. In the opportunities and challenges, dairy enterprises are looking for their own development path. First, the marriage of several top dairy enterprises with foreign countries: Sanlu "marriage" Fonterra will rewrite the pattern of China's dairy industry; Mengniu joined hands with Danish ala fouz, the second largest dairy giant in the world; Richkeen company of the UK and uni president subscribed for 50% equity of Wandashan together, and Danone Asia Co., Ltd., the third largest shareholder of Bright Dairy, announced to increase its shareholding in bright, raising the shareholding ratio to 20.01%. In 2005, the strong combination of domestic and foreign dairy industry that frequently flashed can not help but exclaim that the dairy industry has entered the final era of restructuring and integration. Secondly, dairy enterprises have penetrated into the most critical social events in social life and become the protagonists: on November 16, 2005, BOCOG and Yili Group held a signing ceremony in Hohhot. Yili Group officially joined hands with the 2008 Olympic Games and became a sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. So far, it is the only enterprise in China's dairy industry and the food industry that has been selected into the ranks of Olympic sponsors; Mengniu Group successfully sponsored the popular national "super girl", becoming one of the biggest beneficiaries in this major entertainment event in China. We can clearly see from these events that the core of dairy enterprises' current competition is also focused on technology, brand, capital and other comprehensive strength from the initial scale and price. In the competition in the field of dairy products, the packaging factor has gradually become an important bargaining chip in the competition. It has developed with the development of the dairy industry and has a profound impact on the development of the dairy industry. The adoption of high-quality packaging is a necessary means for dairy production enterprises to expand market share and maintain the toughness and production scale of materials at the same time. Next, we will make an inventory of dairy packaging in 2006

liquid milk packaging, plastic barrels show their talents

traditional milk includes fresh milk, UHT milk and other varieties. These varieties still play an irreplaceable role in dairy products. The most important traditional packaging forms are Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak pillows, fresh house and Baili bags, and the use of these packaging will continue to rise steadily

since Beijing Sanyuan dairy group first launched HDPE plastic barreled milk in 2004, all major dairy enterprises are unwilling to fall behind and have launched plastic barreled milk one after another. After a period of low tide in the early stage of its emergence, this packaging form has been gradually recognized by more consumers with the increase of household consumption of dairy products, and has achieved good results in the market. This market reaction also proved the correctness of many dairy enterprises' great confidence in the packaging prospect at the beginning. Dairy products have high requirements for oxygen resistance in packaging, so cartons are the most ideal packaging. However, at present, there are few high-capacity cartons, and even if there are, the price is relatively high, which also makes plastic barrels become an ideal form of high-capacity packaging. At the same time, the filling equipment of HDPE plastic barrel products is more versatile and adaptable. The same equipment can be applied to plastic barrels of different types, diameters and capacities. In contrast, the filling equipment of the roof packaging can only correspond to the roof packaging of the only caliber, and the interchangeability and flexibility of the products are poor. This change has directly caused the current situation that the use of roof packaging has shown a downward trend in recent years. Moreover, HDPE plastic barrels are more variable in label appearance and printing color. At present, shrink film or self-adhesive label is mainly used, which also greatly improves the amount of self-adhesive and shrink film in dairy packaging. In addition, new environmentally friendly packaging materials ops and pet have also been applied to the packaging of plastic barrels. According to the survey, top dairy enterprises are constantly improving the types of plastic barreled dairy products, and some new products also prefer plastic barreled packaging. I believe that with the continuous improvement of consumers' consumption of dairy products, we will see a greater development of plastic barrel packaging

the oldest form of glass milk bottle packaging still exists. Despite rounds of promotions in the market and continuously improved milk ordering methods, it still has not changed the fate of its declining sales. Instead, paper cup packaging. At the beginning, Guangming dairy was the first to use paper cups, and then Weiquan also launched its own yogurt paper cups. These two kinds of paper cup packaging were immediately accepted by the market. This year, many dairy companies have launched the same cup-shaped products. Although the international paper industry has been shouting that it has a patent for the bright fresh cup, it has not been able to prevent other domestic paper cup enterprises from entering the fresh cup

with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, Aklin packaging began to be used in fresh milk and yogurt, and Sanlu dairy was the first one. Due to the matching equipment and other factors, the development of this packaging is still uncertain, and it is estimated that the consumption growth this year will not be too large

Baili bag is no longer a three-layer coextrusion film. Enterprises have made great efforts to improve the shelf life of products and prevent odor. Five layer coextrusion, aluminizing film, PVDC coating and other processes have been used in the production of Baili bag

yogurt packaging, let a hundred flowers bloom

in recent years, the production and sales of yogurt in China have increased at an average annual rate of 30%. Many enterprises have shifted their development focus to yogurt: on January 8, 2006, Mengniu and Wuhan youzhiyou health Dairy Co., Ltd., the largest dairy enterprise in Hubei Province, established a joint venture to produce all kinds of yogurt; Yili will also vigorously enter the yogurt Market in 2006; In August last year, Yili signed a contract with vilio, Finland's largest food company, to obtain the exclusive right to use the world's most famous probiotic LGG in China in the next five years. In April this year, Yili LGG yogurt, which was unveiled at the Boao Forum, was even more favored by the majority of participants

yogurt packaging has also seen a hundred flowers bloom this year. At present, there are more than ten kinds of yogurt packaging forms, including fresh house, fresh cup, HDPE bottle (barrel), plastic cup and plastic bag, but plastic cup is still the mainstream packaging of yogurt packaging this year, such as Mengniu's child mother double cup yogurt, Yili, Sanyuan's quadruple cup and Liulian cup yogurt. In order to facilitate consumers to buy these lianbei products, the bundled packaging made of cartons and plastic films will continue to be popular. Moreover, the PVC shrink film of the cup holder will gradually withdraw from the market and be replaced by POF

big fruit yogurt has become a new favorite in the dairy market. In the past two years, the growth rate of fruit yogurt and other categories has reached more than 40%. After Guangming dairy successfully used the unique PS cup and successfully listed the large fruit yogurt, Mengniu adopted the round HDPE cup, while Yili and Sanyuan adopted the triangular PS cup to pack the large fruit. Then domestic dairy factories followed suit. At the beginning of this year, Mengniu successfully launched fruit yogurt with Tetra Pak crown, which has become another competitive point in the dairy market this year. Since the advent of big fruit yogurt, Guo asked them to help develop better prostheses. The size of the product has been increasing, and the product has been in a hot sales situation. Through the survey, we learned that many consumers' requirements for large fruit grains are still growing, and they hope that larger fruit blocks will appear in the products to meet the needs of taste and nutrition. In this market situation, large fruit filling has always been the yogurt filling technology that dairy enterprises pay great attention to. However, professional and advanced large fruit filling technology and equipment are extremely scarce, so that many dairy enterprises can only produce this kind of products by modifying their own equipment at present. It is reported that Shanghai Siguo recently launched a special filling equipment for large fruit pulp yogurt, and Yili has purchased the equipment for the production of large fruit yogurt. If professional filling equipment suppliers can meet the requirements of dairy enterprises in terms of the size of filling pulp, the impact of filling valve on the viscosity of yogurt, filling speed and accuracy, it is believed that this kind of professional large fruit filling equipment will have a large market

milk powder packaging, small bags have gradually become new protagonists

successive years of price war has led to thinner and thinner profits in the traditional normal temperature milk market, and the price competition among several giants has reached a white hot level. The field of milk powder has undoubtedly become a breakthrough in the price competition in the normal temperature milk market of dairy enterprises, which has provided a way to change from "bigger" to "bigger" and "stronger". First, Mengniu teamed up with Denmark's ala fouz company to enter the high-end infant milk powder market, and then Yili Group invested 170million yuan to build a high-end infant milk powder production base with a production capacity of more than 15000 tons

at present, the common milk powder packaging in the market is mainly tin cans and PE composite bags. Although the membrane structure of composite bags has changed a lot, the most basic packaging form has not changed much. Since Wyeth used cartons to pack milk powder, many domestic enterprises have also launched their own cartons of hardbound milk powder. This kind of cartons packaging can avoid more contact between the mouth of the bagged milk powder and the hands of consumers and is more hygienic. In addition, the boxed milk powder is composed of high barrier multi-layer materials, which can play a better role in protecting the products. Compared with tin cans, cartons have great cost advantages. With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenient and fast packaging forms have become the favorite of consumers. Therefore, independent small packaging has become a widely used packaging form in milk powder packaging by dairy enterprises. Dairy enterprises all hope to improve the production efficiency of single machine equipment, so as to reduce the purchase volume of equipment, the floor area of plant, the number of equipment maintenance, and finally achieve the effect of reducing production costs. The capacity of small packages of milk powder is generally between 20g and 25g. There are two kinds of filling equipment: vertical machine and horizontal machine, but the powder inclusion problem often occurs in vertical machine affects the packaging quality of products. Horizontal packaging equipment adopts the method of making bags before packaging in the packaging process, so it will not cause powder inclusion. Therefore, the high-speed horizontal filling machine has become a preferred equipment for milk powder production enterprises. In addition, milk powder is sticky and prone to problems during filling. The equipment that can achieve perfect filling through the vibration of each station is also what dairy enterprises want to have. It is particularly worth mentioning that the modular design of bag packaging equipment will become the focus of the needs of dairy enterprises with its convenient and fast characteristics

lactic acid bacteria drinks in the post "super girl" period

lactic acid bacteria drinks have long been on the market, but they have not been as popular as in 2005. This is the advertising effect brought by super girls. So lactic acid bacteria drinks suddenly became popular, and the more famous ones are "excellent sour milk", "sour milk" and so on. It is estimated that the output of lactic acid bacteria beverages this year will exceed that of last year. In 2005, the packaging form of lactic acid bacteria beverage was Tetra Pak brick, which was relatively single. After a year of brewing, lactic acid bacteria drinks of various brands have been fully launched in the market this year, and new packaging forms have also emerged, including Tetra Pak pillows, secondary sterilization bottles, bang bang acid, Tetra Pak crown, plastic cups (including PS cups, PP cups), Baili bags and other forms/P

cheese and butter

due to the living habits of Chinese people, the sales volume of cheese and butter in the market has been limited. But the packaging of cheese and butter is not boring because of the lack of competition. On the contrary, with the establishment of Guangming's special cheese and butter factory, the packaging of cheese and butter began to be richer: butter has wax paper packaging

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