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Plasticizer toxic homemade fruit juice is more reassuring

plasticizer DEHP is an environmental hormone. Although its toxicity to human body is not clear, it is widely distributed in all kinds of foods, and its toxicity is much higher than melamine. It must stay in the body for a period of time before it is discharged. In the long run, it may cause a decline in immunity and fertility. DEHP plasticizer is commonly used in sports drinks, fruit juice, tea, fruit juice and jam

the problem of food safety broke out every other time, especially this year, which is shocking. Food requires these international enterprises to bring high value-added chemical new materials products and technologies to the exhibition. How can they choose and buy safely? Under the conditions that the relevant testing institutions cannot monitor in time and effectively, and businesses can make money without conscience, it is not worth it for consumers to be innocent and deceived, and it is the wisest to protect themselves

the melamine incident in 2008 was 3% larger at one time Material steel can also explain this. Many experts have focused on self-made soymilk, fruit juice, etc., but most people are forgetful. It was not long before the melamine incident was in the limelight that they continued to make contributions to the packaged food industry. Put aside the insecurity of these foods, the price is also sorry for the RMB. Therefore, it is suggested that you can buy more DIY tools, such as soymilk machine, juicer, cake machine and other self-made nutritious food. One thing must be firmly remembered: try to spend more time, choose more primitive materials, and process by yourself so that you can eat more reassuring food

recommendation 1: shiny mm-200

detailed description:

1, 800W super power

2, value= "1" hasspace= "false" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0"> 1 liter juice pot, equipped with foam separator, can clarify juice

3, 2 kinds of speed regulation, suitable for soft and hard fruits and vegetables

4. The patented micro filter is suitable for the maximum fruit juice output

5. Oversized feed inlet - can accommodate the whole apple

6. Dual safety system - it can only be operated when the cover is safely assembled

7. Easy to clean

8, with anti slip feet

9. Stainless steel shell

recommendation 2: lt-401a

detailed description:

detailed description:

1. Double protection switch, safe and reliable

2. The residue and juice are separated thoroughly and the juice yield is high

3. Stainless steel knife, separable parts, easy to clean

4. Alloy cutting tools are sharp, resistant to current impact, and easy to grind and stir

5. The juice cup can stir all kinds of fruits to bring out good nutrition

recommendation 3: haiyingda Juicer

1. Mixing and drying have high strength, high grinding, cooking, quick effect and mincing meat

2, 6 removable blade design

3. Ultra fine grinding in three-dimensional space

4. LCD timing function

5. Set the cooking time independently

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