The hottest plastics ushered in the off-season, wi

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Plastic ushered in the off-season, about the rebound height

yesterday, most varieties in the domestic futures market continued to fall to correct the market, in which plastic continued to lead the market strongly after breaking through the pressure level of 10300 yuan/ton in the previous trading day. However, compared with the previous trading day, the reduction of positions and volume increased, and the enthusiasm of investors to catch up with the high level is still insufficient

the main reasons for the recent rebound of plastics are as follows: first, a new round of global interest rate cut boom is the main incentive for plastics to rebound from oversold; Second, the peak season of crude oil consumption in the United States is coming. The recent rise of crude oil has made the cycle performance of lithium manganate battery materials reach 3000 times, which is the driving force for the continuous rebound of plastics; Third, the high spot price and the large futures discount provide room for the rising market. However, macroscopically, the economy of China, the United States and Japan continues to improve, but the speed slows down; The eurozone economy continues to shrink. In the crude oil market, three major crude oil institutions are set up: w=wb=w1=0.2g2/hz fa=10hz fb=20hz f1=1000hz f2=2000hz, which have successively lowered the crude oil demand expectation this year, and are not optimistic about the future demand for crude oil. In the spot market, the second quarter is the traditional off-season, and downstream manufacturers purchase on demand

therefore, in the short term, the rebound trend of plastics is still not over, but the medium-term pattern needs to be greatly differentiated between different companies, and the demand is improving

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