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As we all know, the development of the plastic industry in each country is different. Today, let's take a look at the development of the plastic industry in Vietnam and Mexico and compare the differences between the two places

according to the Vietnam Plastics Association, in recent years, the Vietnamese plastic products industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. At present, in the next few years, the average annual growth of the industry will reach 20-25%. Vietnamese plastic products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, Russia, Japan and other markets

Mexico's trade deficit in plastic products ranks first in the world, with a total deficit of US $13.688 billion in 2014 qb/t 15 The main machine of tensile strength testing machine adopts the full plastic spraying shell 130 ⑼ 1 plastic right angle tearing performance test method, of which the export is US $8.628 billion and the import is US $22.316 billion. Ink's main imported plastic products are used in the plastic manufacturing industry, such as ethylene polymers, plastic lubricants, main performance introduction boxes, plastic plates, polycarbonate and other products. According to the data of the Ministry of economic affairs of Mexico, the main sources of imports of ink plastic products are the United States (accounting for 70.1 percent of imports), China (7.4 percent), South Korea (4.3 percent), Germany (3.3 percent), and Canada (2.6 percent)

although the plastic industry in Mexico is developing rapidly, it is very likely that changes will occur in the current situation after a period of time

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