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Research on the key control points for the success of enterprise informatization construction

the success of enterprise IT application project construction involves various factors, especially some key control points, the most important of which are the following aspects:

first, the positioning should be accurate. As Peter Drucker, a management master, said, "doing the right thing is always more important than doing it right". Fundamentally speaking, the positioning of IT application projects is to solve the problem of "what to do" and avoid the discomfort caused by temperature difference; Use 3D printing technology to shape problems. Enterprises' investment and construction in it application in a certain period must be to solve some problems in enterprise operation and management, but it application called abetting grating is not omnipotent. As an enterprise manager, we must first analyze the nature of the problem to see whether it can be solved through the application of it projects

generally speaking, if it is a problem in business philosophy, decision-making or process, it cannot be solved by implementing it projects. However, if it is a problem in the implementation of decision-making (usually these problems are caused by the "spare heart but insufficient strength" of business personnel), most of these problems can be improved through the implementation of informatization

in addition, the problem is reflected in some points, but the problem at this point is not caused by the reason at this point, but by the factors at other points. There is a contradiction between the "point" problem and the "face" reason. Without good management diagnosis, it is difficult to get the "pulse" right at once

secondly, model selection should be accurate. Model selection is not only related to whether the selected tube should be controlled in terms of extrusion temperature, screw speed, linear speed of traction device, etc. to ensure that the management software is suitable for the management needs of enterprises, but also to choose a good "friend" who can give long-term support in enterprise information construction. Enterprises should not only clearly know what they need, but also carefully understand what the other party can give, and on this basis, determine whether the two can achieve a friendly "handshake". Model selection is not only an important part of enterprise informatization, but also a difficulty

at present, the management software market is also a lemon market: there is a great information asymmetry between user enterprises and software suppliers. In the face of complex systems, users can only allow the software suppliers to lobby and demonstrate, it is difficult to see the essence of the system, and they can only try to reduce the price. However, in order to obtain this list, software suppliers also engage in vicious bidding, and the price after suppliers obtain the list is too low, The follow-up implementation work will not be fully invested, and eventually various contradictions will arise between the two sides. Therefore, there is a saying in the industry that many management software suppliers never expect to receive a certain proportion of the final payment in the contract. What we have mentioned above is only external information asymmetry, as well as internal information asymmetry

because informatization may involve the reorganization of business processes and the adjustment of department functions, it is bound to touch the power game between leaders at all levels. The smaller the official position, the easier it is to be in the position of information asymmetry. The more likely it is to be "cheated". This is also a lemon market: what conforms to the leader's value trend is not necessarily the most suitable informatization scheme, and the suitable informatization scheme may not conform to the leader's intention

as a result, managers (including IT manufacturers) may eliminate suitable solutions, compromise and adjust unsuitable solutions; Once informatization takes this road, the contradiction will become more and more intense, and the scheme will continue to compromise, presenting a typical situation of reverse elimination. The final result is to stop the project, change the manufacturer, and the supervisor is dismissed to take the blame...

again, the implementation should be effective. In addition to having some "hard" characteristics of general engineering projects, the information system project of an enterprise is to a greater extent a "soft" system project, which is not only due to the uncertainty and instability of the management work itself, but also related to the fact that the requirements and objectives of the management project at the beginning are difficult to be very clear and clear. In addition, the implementation of informatization projects will involve personnel at all levels of the enterprise, as well as consultants and implementation personnel from software suppliers. How to organize the project team and ensure the completion of the project plan is very artistic

finally, the application of continuous improvement. The value of management software does not depend on the price of software carrier itself, but on the application of continuous improvement by enterprises. Enterprises may spend a lot of time on the implementation of the system, and try their best to make the system available for online use, thinking that it is finished. They seldom consider how to ensure that the system can provide timely, complete and accurate information for personnel in all departments after the completion of the system implementation, and how to effectively apply the management experience and knowledge of business personnel to the parameter calibration of the management software system. In fact, the benefits of the system depend on people. This "use" also involves all aspects of the enterprise

although the construction of enterprise informatization involves many factors inside and outside the enterprise, it cannot change without its roots. In the final analysis, the factor is still one word: "people". There is a "fixed point theorem" in mathematics. In fact, there is also a fixed point theorem in management, which is "people"

the construction of enterprise informatization is the same, and the most critical factor is people. Enterprise informatization construction will involve all aspects and personnel at all levels. For example, without the recognition, understanding and support of enterprise leaders, there is no premise for the implementation of information systems; Without the strong organization and coordination of the project manager, it is difficult to ensure the smooth progress of the information system; Without the mutual cooperation and excellent work of various implementers, the information of each module in the information system cannot be seamlessly integrated; Without specific business personnel to input all kinds of basic information in time and accurately, the output of the information system becomes "garbage"; Without the correct guidance of senior consultants, the implementation of information systems will inevitably take many detours, and may even fail... The above-mentioned key control points, in the final analysis, are still controlled by people. (end)

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