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Research note on offset press market data in November: the strength level of superior products should not be less than Mu15

according to the "offset press international bidding Market Research Report" of Bing Lian Market Research Center, in October 2010, the number of projects in China's offset press international bidding market was 15, slightly higher than that in October. On a month on month basis, the number of projects and winning products decreased by about 20%, and the winning amount increased slightly. Compared with last month, the amount increased by more than $7.5 million. It can be seen that the demand for items and products in the offset press market fluctuates only slightly, but the demand for polychromatic and high-end products increases

regional analysis

in November, the demand for offset printing machines in Beijing was relatively strong, winning three projects and a large number of products. The second is Guangdong, which won the most projects last month and has performed strongly in recent months. In addition, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places also won two projects. Hubei has a small number of projects this month, but the bid winning amount is the largest, nearly US $6million. Shanxi and Zhejiang have less project amount, which is less than one million. In November, the demand for offset printing machines in Guangdong was still strong

analysis of winning agents

Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. regained one-half of the market share of the international standard of Chinese offset press in November. In the market of Zhaodi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., its technology and physical assets of products have reached the international advanced level, and its share has continued to rise. This month, it stood alone in the second place with a share of 26.67%. The market share of Konig Bauer Ag in Germany fell further, only 6.67% this month, and the number and amount of winning products did not occupy an advantage. Gauss Printing Systems France won few projects, but the winning amount was second only to Heidelberg China Co., Ltd

analysis of winning manufacturers

in terms of manufacturers, Heidelberg and Komori are in the forefront in terms of the proportion of project volume. What has changed is Konig Bauer, which has won enterprises the same amount of time as Gauss printing system and Manroland, accounting for 6.67% each. In terms of the bid winning amount, Heidelberg, Gauss printing system and Komori are in the forefront, with Konig Bauer accounting for only a small share

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